The Conscious Pregnancy – An Alternative Look At Happy Pregnancy

The Conscious Pregnancy is a guide to approaching pregnancy and childbirth with a different mindset, using a more spiritual and practical approach. This is opposed to the clinical and rigid attitude that so many women are encouraged to adhere to when entering this important phase of womanhood.

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The book starts out with a hugely emotional passage of how Shivani herself experienced every woman’s nightmare during her pregnancy – a miscarriage. A heartfelt but obviously tricky piece to commit to paper, though this is quite hard going at the very beginning of a guidebook to pregnancy, it immediately tells the reader that this isn’t going to be like any other pregnancy book on the market.

It is because of this, however, that it shows you as a reader this book has the makings of a more truthful one than you’ll find in such other pregnancy guides!

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Shivani is now a proud mother of two children, and the book is fueled by her desire to tell women that they do in fact have choices and can take responsibility for their decisions, feelings, and actions during their pregnancy and beyond. However, what I find so refreshing about the whole concept of The Conscious Pregnancy is that it focuses on creating a happier and well-adjusted mother and baby for some time after the birth.

At this stage in a woman’s life, especially if it’s your first, what a refreshing feeling it is to be told that you are indeed capable of listening to your body and your baby and, ultimately, are still able to produce a healthy baby and healthier you long after childbirth!

With five chapters that focus on all the crucial stages of this exciting time, from the pre-pregnancy stage to the post-pregnancy stage, this book is almost like the bible for pregnancy!

In fact, the tips and advice which Shivani effortlessly offers to the reader aren’t just excellent for all those women at these stages but can also provide significant help to other women not contemplating pregnancy; such is its overall healthy living advice.

The Conscious Pregnancy is certainly a more realistic take on pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Shivani’s confident and robust writing style works to encourage the reader to believe it’s possible to approach pregnancy and beyond in a spiritual way, thus creating the environment which you want and deserve at this most powerful stage of womanhood.

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Written by Marina