The 9 Best High End Gifts For Clients

Charm your clients and seal that sweet deal with the help of a high end gift

If you’ve ever been hanging around a high-value client the one thing that you know is that to make yourself stand out in their eyes, a high-end gift that really wows them is in order, why? Well, they already certainly have got lots of stuff themselves, also a myriad of people around them wanting to gain their favor are already there trying to swoop them, how do you stand out?

By getting them the best high-end gift of them all, and luckily, we have quite a few ideas on just what that might be.

#1 Don De Fleurs’ Acrylic De Fleurs Collection

The Don de Fleurs' Acrylic de Fleurs Collection travel product recommended by Harper Edgcumbe on Lifney.

The Acrylic 25 is the ultimate gift of luxury, featuring a bed of 25 preserved roses that last for up to a year. The special acrylic casing allows for a 360-degree view of each rose while a pull-out drawer, complete with a chic crystal knob, adds functionality to the arrangement. The Acrylic de Fleurs collection adds a touch of elegance to any desk, vanity or table. You can customize the rose color(s) and select a pattern of solid, checkered or rows.


#2 Lakeview Signature Egyptian Cotton Resort Waffle Spa Robe

The Lakeview Signature Egyptian Cotton Resort Waffle Spa Robe travel product recommended by Louisse Bote on Lifney.

Luxor Linens` luxury bedding and bath supplies are the perfect high end client gifts! Check out some of our favorite robes below! They are luxurious and you can add a personal touch of custom monogramming!


#3 Flightscope Mevo

The FlightScope mevo travel product recommended by Christina Cioffi on Lifney.

Personal launch monitor with multi-sport capabilities designed for athletes in golf, to track carry distance, club head speed, ball speed, smash, vertical launch angle, spin, height and flight time.


#4 Potion Gift Card

The Potion Gift Card travel product recommended by Dulma on Lifney.

Potion is the first and only store for 100% natural nontoxic fragrances from artisan perfumeries around the world. Our scents are for men and women and are made of exclusively real ingredients. I started this company after leaving Google to provide health conscious people with luxury natural fragrances after my mom got sick.


#5 Sapphire And Diamond Ring In 18K Gold

The Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 18k Gold travel product recommended by Arya Wirendra on Lifney.

It’s luxurious enough to be looked at, but discreetly gorgeous to be worn, this is a ring that is pleasant to many of our client’s eyes. Our rings are made in small quantity, and each ring is unique and personal, so we’re sure that our clients feel special wearing it.

The gems are sourced from known origins and in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. Our founder Meri is on a personal mission to meet everyone involved in the making of our beautiful jewelry, from the miners, to the silversmith. It’s a great gift for the ethically-conscious high end clients.


#6 Pure & Mine Custom Shampoo, Conditioner And Body Wash

The Pure & Mine custom shampoo, conditioner and body wash travel product recommended by Anagha Ravi on Lifney.

Pure & Mine creates custom shampoo, conditioner and body wash for each user based on their hair/skin type and goals. At our Gift Page, one can buy an e-Gift certificate for a loved one and have them personalize their own products. The e-card, along with your personal note , will be sent to the recipient by email on the day you choose and the products will be delivered directly at their address once they customize.


#7 Anova Culinary Bluetooth Precision

The Anova Culinary Bluetooth Precision travel product recommended by Nate Masterson on Lifney.

Sous vide is a must in today’s kitchen. Your high-end clients will really appreciate this. Even if they don’t cook their own meals, their chefs will enjoy using this. Your clients will enjoy the results.


#8 Ysl Short Double-Breasted Saint Laurent Coat

The YSL short double-breasted Saint Laurent coat travel product recommended by Arianna Della Ciana on Lifney.

GENTE Roma for over thirty years has been a landmark in the luxury fashion industry in Rome: GENTE Roma is a luxury multi-brand, men’s and women’s online shop with ten boutiques located in the most prestigious areas of the Capital and in Porto Rotondo, Sardinia (Italy). Thanks to the constant research and careful selection, GENTE Roma is an expression of contemporaneity: a physical and digital place, where tradition and innovation come together giving life to an emotional shopping experience, to discover the best Italian and international Maison.On, you can find the *Ysl Short Double-Breasted Saint Laurent Coat * and other luxury clothing and accessories.


#9 Looloo Fully Automated Toilet Freshener

The LooLoo Fully Automated Toilet Freshener travel product recommended by Ron Whittington on Lifney.

“LooLoo is the perfect and convenient solution to keeping the bathroom smelling fresh, whether in the home or at the office.

LooLoo also comes equipped with LED lights that softly illuminate the toilet bowl, with nine colors to choose from, eliminating the jolt of turning on a bright light in the middle of the night when nature calls. ”


The recommendations of products and books within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

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Arya Wirendra from Gardens of the Sun

Anagha Ravi from Pure & Mine

Nate Masterson from Maple Holistics

Arianna Della Ciana from GENTE Roma

Ron Whittington from PRmediaNow

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