Here’s What Camping Beginners Worry About The Most

Photo by Scott Goodwill on Unsplash
Photo by Scott Goodwill on Unsplash
The scariest time in any activity is always the first time. It’s why the first day of school is full of tears for parents and children. And the first time camping can bring up irrational fears in all families. Our lizard brain just wants to protect us from danger. And to that brain, anything unknown represents a risk. However, camping can be a lot of fun and filled with joy as long as everyone gets prepared for it. This article contains tips that will help take beginners to advanced campers as quickly as possible.
Start by listing everyone who will go with you. And then write down any unique facilities they need for the camping trip. For example, is there anyone in the group who absolutely cannot use an outhouse style toilet? Or will it be better if they have flush toilets? When you are camping with your family, think about what requirements your children will need. And remind them posting on Snapchat or Instagram Stories every 5 minutes is not one of them. Then you can start to look for a campsite that meets those requirements. When you are going camping for the first time, in particular, if it’s not a glamping site, make sure you have an experienced person with you. They will be able to teach you as part of the camping trip.
It’s never too early to start planning your trip. One reason is that popular destinations are typically sold out early. Though for your first trips, you should choose camping locations that are nearby. You always want to make sure that you arrive at your destination before sunset. Make sure that you have your tent packed before you leave. And triple check that you have all the required equipment such as stakes to put the tent together. You should also take a tarp to build a roof over your tent if you expect rain. But make sure it is angled to empty behind the tent!
Always use a checklist when packing for your trip. On the camping trip, cross-out items you didn’t use. And write down additional things you had to acquire on the trip. When I travel for business, I rarely check the weather before I leave. Because I know I will rarely be outside. And staying a nice hotel. But when camping, you must become one with the weather forecast. And then make sure you have packed the proper clothing. It’s better to layer than to wear bulky items. Because you don’t want to risk sweating in cold weather which can lead to problems later.
For many people, the entire reason why they want to camp is to eat. Of course, you need to eat to make sure you have the energy to do the camp activities. Bring food with you that will be easier to cook on the trip. If you are camping in an RV, you will have more flexibility of what you can bring that if you are carrying everything in your backpack. Don’t forget to try out the latest in freeze-dried food. It’s fantastic the options you have now. It’s not just beans and franks. Don’t forget to make sure you bring along all of the things you need to cook. This can include a camping stove, firewood, and matches.
Make sure you plan what you will do on your trip while leaving plenty of free time. Our lives are already over-scheduled. Some of the best ways to spend time on a camp out is to do nothing. This can include basics such as hiking or fishing but can consist of stargazing and horseback riding. Of course, what you can do, will depend upon where you choose to go. Thus if your family really wants to ride horses, then make sure you have a way to do that where you go camping. Practice proper camping etiquette by keeping your site clean and tidy. And to take everything you take with you back home with you. If you can, leave it better than you found it. That way future campers can continue to enjoy the campsite. And if you want more family camping tips then visit Camping Forge.
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Written by Nat Sauteed

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