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8 Surprising Centerpiece Designs

When looking to decorate tables at your wedding, it can be easy to get stuck in the same old “vase of flowers” rut. Even though you want your special day to be unique, looking through hundreds of pages of catalogs, pinterest boards, and Instagram photos on how to style dried flowers can become a dizzying blur. To help you come up with some fresh ideas for your own centerpieces, we’ve curated 8 surprising centerpiece designs.

A Big Statement

Not all centerpieces need to be dainty and small. Try sizing up with something tall on the table like these tiered bamboo centerpieces or go for a floral arrangement in a tall glass stand like this to keep visibility around the table at the maximum.

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Collecting time pieces like antique clocks, sundials, and hourglasses are a fresh way to fill the tables. These timepieces represent your long future together as a couple, and they provide so much more visual interest than flowers alone. Check out this chic clock centerpiece and the table settings from this wedding inspired by the Time Traveler’s Wife.

Romantic Tapers

For the last decade or more, pillar candles have reigned supreme when it comes to table settings. Instead of squatty pillars, bump up the romance and intimacy with long thin taper candles at your tables. Tapers in an antique candelabra feel romantic and chic without trying too hard.

A Dose of Vitamin C

Filling up containers with water, sliced citrus, and floating candles is a great way to make an amazing centerpiece. Not only will the citrus give tables pops of colour, they are also more affordable than fresh flowers and they smell great. JMS Entertaining has the DIY guide. Her instructions use lemons and limes, but grapefruit and blood oranges would also be lovely in larger containers.

A Game to Pass the Time

Whether you love board games or you’d like your guests to play them at the reception, setting the table with games can be a funky but cute option for centerpieces. Our example here is definitely a 60’s inspired palette, with baby blue, salmon pink, and yellow accents that are easy to match for table linens and floral arrangements. You can also try this with puzzles, but we’d recommend keeping them simple (probably 100 pieces or so.) This gives guests the ability to chat and not focus too hard while piece it together.

Black and Silver Ornaments

Take some inspiration from this New Year’s themed black and silver tablescape. Buying up Christmas ornaments after the season makes an affordable but fun (and shiny) way to adorn tables. We absolutely love the disco ball ornaments, which would be suitable for any occasion. If gold and silver are not your bag, you’ll likely be able to find these accents in an array of colours including green, gold, blue, red, and purple, so consider them if you want to buy bulk Christmas ornaments.

Native Plants

Rather than going straight to traditional roses, tulips, or lilies, try setting tables with flowers that are native to your region. Check out this list of flowers that could be growing in your own backyard to get an idea of what flowers grow native in Perth. Using local flowers is a great way to show pride in where you’re from, plus it is more ecologically responsible than imported flowers.

Funky Knick Knacks

Creating a little pile of odds and ends is a great way to say a lot about your personality as a couple. Try hitting up your local Salvo’s or other thrift shop to see what you can find that coordinates with your theme and colours. If you love books and movies, you can look for details that reference pop culture, or you could just be completely eclectic and pick up anything that feels right.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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