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Key Signs That Show Your Partner Is Emotionally Draining You

It can be difficult when a relationship is taking too much out of you emotionally. Here are some of the signs to look out for if you are being emotionally drained.

Relationships that are worth it, are without a doubt also worth fighting for and working towards. Nonetheless, consistently feeling drained and emotionally exhausted can indicate that you are being sapped dry by your partner and this not healthy. Yet you are not totally sure if they are the reason you are fed up and tired all the time or if it is just life throwing you in the deep end. It is, therefore, vital to be able to identify when and if your partner is emotionally draining you. Here are some key signs that your partner is causing you emotional exhaustion.

Dating and Emotional Comfort

A great relationship is characterized by emotional stability and health. When seeing someone you want to know that they will support you morally and mentally and you will provide the same support to them. That is why it is extremely important to establish how your partner responds to certain situations. Are they emotionally inept of emotionally forthcoming? Using online dating websites, like this one, therefore, allows you to test and discover the most appropriate partner for yourself.

You Always Worry and Think About Them

It is typical of you to constantly think about what they are doing and what they are up to and it is not in a cute way. You wake up and they are the first thought that comes to your mind and the last when you go to bed and in some cases thinking about them keeps you up at night. This can indicate that your partner is emotionally draining because they may behave in a certain manner that makes you insecure and to some extent lack trust in them.

They Constantly Stress You Out

They palm all the worries and life stresses on you, which inadvertently become your own. You crumble under the weight of their issues because they expect you to deal with them, as opposed to you doing it together. If you feel a sweeping sensation of anxiety when their name is mentioned or when you see their number pop up on your phone, your partner is triggering a stress response that is not healthy and is arguably emotionally draining. This is especially the case if you feel like this every time they are around or talk to you.

You Look Forward to Being Apart

Without actually saying it, you look forward to getting and staying away from each other. Although it is normal to want to have alone time and fly solo from your partner, it becomes unhealthy and concerning when you would rather spend the majority of your time away from your significant other. Do you look for every excuse to get away?

They Have High Expectations of You

They set a very high standard for you and expect way much more of you but do not reciprocate the same energy. You always find yourself scrambling for their support when you need it the most but are always on top of it when they need you. Most importantly you pour your everything into strengthening them emotionally and mentally by listening and providing constant affection and attention, while they fail to even pick up a phone call or respond to a text in your times of trouble. This is even more of a concern when this occurs on a regular basis and they downplay how you feel in certain situations.

You Do Not Share How You Feel

If you are afraid to share your feelings and concerns with your other half, this can also suggest that they are emotionally draining you. This is because your avoidance of sharing can mean many things. First and foremost you do not trust them enough with your emotions because your partner is ignorant or diminishes how you feel and you are accustomed to their negative responses. It may also be the case that the do not listen or are argumentative so being able to communicate is impossible for you.

Being emotionally drained by a partner is not a great feeling or experience; this may be heightened by uncertainty and lack of sight as to whether your exhaustion comes from your partner. Nevertheless, you feel that in and out of their presence your relationship is taking its toll on you and your partner feels more like a burden and a limitation rather than an asset in your life. If you feel that you are constantly under pressure and fail to find a positive outlet in your partner then it could be the cases that they are the reason you are so emotionally empty.


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Written by Nat Sauteed

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