5 Books That Will Improve Your Essay Writing

Many people want to become famous writers. Most of them fail miserably due to various reasons. We mean people who really have a gift but who lack some knowledge and competence. It may be irony but if you want others to read your books, you should read the works of other authors first. Therefore, we offer a brief overview of 5 books written by gifted and successful authors. They give some effective pieces of advice to make out of you an outstanding writer. Every book has its own benefits and peculiarities. Therefore, you will find vivid materials to be a mighty author.

How to Write a Damn Good Novel by James N. Frey

This book focuses on the correct structure of a novel. The author adds some good examples of perfect writing. The book teaches how to become a good storyteller. You will get familiar with all sorts and forms of storytelling, which are crucial because they make you an attentive and smart writer. Thus, you’ll be able to craft fiction and non-fiction essays. Practice long and short stories using the tips mentioned in the book and you’ll sufficiently enhance your level.

A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King

Everyone knows the famous King of Horror. Stephen King has created numerous novels and stories. In the meanwhile, he also composed a special book that shows his path to becoming a writer. He dwells upon structuring, mechanics, and so on. The writer shares his personal viewpoint concerning what makes a good writer and provides effective examples. The illustrations will provide you with clear concepts.

The Sense of Style by Stephen Pinker

Here is another Stephen but his surname is Pinker and he is a famous professor and scientist. He knows a lot about the art of writing and shares his experience in his book created for writers. The author took notes of typical mistakes made by his students. Moreover, he also gathered common errors of other professors, which is even more unbelievable.

There are certain peculiarities concerning the author’s remarks. While most writers try to find the right words, he offers to find the right place of the words in the sentence. He also pays great attention to passive constructions. Many students overuse them or insert incorrectly. The professor claims that we should use the passive voice actively. It helps to explain a lot of feelings and redirect the readers’ attention.

Besides, the book dwells upon the issue of punctuation. It seems to be the inevitable enemy of every student and/or writer. Of course, you will find many other useful materials to sharpen your writing skills.

Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg

It’s another amazing guidebook, which teaches how to be a writer. Though it appeared about 30 years ago, the tips provided by the author are still relevant and helpful. It’s applicable for bloggers as well. The book is very interesting and covers several essential issues.

First of all, it teaches how to overcome procrastination. Effective techniques, inspiring recommendations, and proper examples will help you. Besides, it explains how to make language beautiful and act spontaneously. Thus, you won’t be caught by surprise no matter what assignment you face. The book is good for beginners and helps to reveal the full potential of your creativity.

Conquer Essay Phobia by Natalie Andersen

This book will surely come in handy every student. It focuses on the fear of writing essays. Fear is one of the strongest roadblocks to anything we do. Students have to compose numerous types of essays. They compose them annually and even the bravest may fear to make a mistake and fail miserably. The author of this book gives a piece of advice about how to overcome this fear. You will learn useful tips that will encourage you. Every student will be able to remain highly motivated and focused on his/her academic goals. Even if you’re not a student, it’ll be helpful. Many writers are also afraid of criticism. Using this guidebook, they’ll enhance their effectiveness.

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Use as many guides and books as you need. Learn from the experience of other authors who are already famous and successful. Sharpen your writing skills and become successful as well. If you still cannot cope with the art of writing, consider our expert academic writers for the most difficult tasks. They possess the necessary knowledge and skills to manage any piece of writing. Besides, they can also teach you how to improve and constantly develop writing mastery.

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