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5 Best Educational Books About Religion

Religion is a tough subject for parents, guardians, and teachers. In a world where religion is becoming divisive, religious education should take a different approach. If you want to buy speeches that are professionally written, ensure that it comes from seasoned and dedicated writers.

The discussion about religion can be confusing for some kids. The books they read can help them understand spirituality better. However, you cannot introduce religion to kids in a haphazard manner. You need publications that are expertly crafted to explain faith and also written specifically for the children. Here are titles that make it easy to discuss religion with kids of different ages.

1. Essex Conversations: Visions For Lifespan Religious Education

Religion is taking a different role in the current generation. Essex Conversations by Unitarian Universalist Association captures the minds of seasoned scholars in religion. The book aims at opening the minds of people to think beyond their houses of worship and the rituals that take place there. You will be surprised to learn about the impact of the current religious setup on the future.

Unlike traditional or denominational titles, these conversations give an independent view. A teacher can handle a class of different denominations and successfully take them through religious studies. It is available in paperback as well as online. The essays will change your understanding of religion and religious education.

2. Gift Of Faith: Tending The Spiritual Lives Of Children

The book opens by celebrating and highlighting the value of religion in the lives of children. It draws a lot from the personal experiences of the author, Jeanne Harrison. The book will help you understand the value of a religious community to children and reinforcement of their principles.

Jeanne has pointed at the role of parents as the initiators of children into religion. She encourages parents to preach to these children through words, actions, and especially, being a part of a community. You will learn about easy ways to introduce religion to a child through everyday activities.

3. Christian Religious Education: Sharing Our Story And Vision

The title is specifically written for parents and teachers to help them introduce the idea of religion to children. It brings together contemporary biblical scholarship, theories of education and theology. The author, Thomas Groome, is a distinguished religious scholar and educationist who has provided the perfect balance an intellectual is expected to ooze.

The themes covered by Thomas are intense and will make a massive impact on the lives of readers. Some of the subjects covered include the methods, nature, stages, purpose, role, and context of religious education in the education sector. Thomas is in a league of his own in the coverage of spiritual education matters.

4. A Church On The Move

Joe Paprocki thinks that mercy and mission can be put on wheels. These are the ideas shared in this title that sheds light on the substance of religion without focusing on denominational differences. Joe takes a historical perspective by looking at where the church has come from and trying to predict its future. If the numbers are anything to go by, the future could be devoid of religious grouping.

The author studies the Catholic church and uses it as an example. Joe is interested in the survival and thriving of a church through structures that are mission and mercy-oriented as opposed to doctrine and theology. It aims at replacing the despair of a waning church with the hope of a thriving one.

5. A New Kind Of Christianity

Some books give information about the world as it is now. However, others open the door to see a future that is made beautiful by religion. Brian McLaren has provided such a book. McLaren has been named among the leaders of the current-generation Christianity. The book makes you think about a church, religion, and society that will survive the next 500 years. The details are in the pages.

A parent or teacher desires to give a child the best religious foundation. In a world that is increasingly becoming skeptical, such a foundation appears elusive. The titles above will provide you with the ideas to use when handling any religious education topic.


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Written by Nat Sauteed

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