How to Prolong the Life of your Wood Furniture?

Caring for your solid wood furniture is the key to making it last for as long as possible. Take note that while solid wood is one of the most durable materials used in creating furniture items, it is still necessary to give it proper care and attention to protect and preserve its beauty.

Also, most furniture items constructed out of solid wood are expensive. With that in mind, you have to learn a few tips and tricks to maintain their finish and preserve their beauty for several years. Of course, the first step would be to buy a solid wooden dining table that is of quality make. Doing such will help prolong the life of the items and allow them to serve their purpose for quite a long time.

Identify the enemies of furniture items made of solid wood

Several problems that can affect the life of furniture are triggered by harsh elements. Being aware of what these enemies are can help you avoid the damage that they might cause in the long run. Among the possible enemies of solid wood are the sun’s UV rays as these can cause damage to the material’s finish.

With that in mind, it helps to arrange the pieces of your furniture away from direct sunlight. It is also advisable to use screening drapes for the sun during intense hours when the heat of the sun is at the highest. Liquid spills are also among those harsh elements that can significantly damage your pieces of furniture if you do not remove them in a prompt manner.

To avoid or protect your furniture, it helps to put coasters beneath glasses and saucers beneath flower pots and cups. In case of spills, blot the affected area gently without roughly rubbing it. Also, take note that heat tends to produce chemical changes in the finish of furniture, leading to white spots in the long run.

To prevent that from happening, you should put enough protective pads beneath hot dishes, cooking appliances, and utensils placed on top of solid wood furniture. Furthermore, low humidity is another harsh element that can cause the wood material to shrink and lose its moisture. Intense changes might lead to cracks, splits, and warps. To prevent such issues, retain the level of humidity as much as possible.

Clean the wooden furniture regularly

Another thing that you should do to protect wooden furniture items, like wood cabinets, is to clean them regularly. The best way to clean it is to use mild dish soap and warm water together. Be extra careful to avoid soaking the furniture. If there are tough stains, an old toothbrush is a big help. Use soft paper towels or cloth to wipe any dirt from the surface and allow any residual moisture to dry completely.

Make sure to do something to protect your wood furniture, too. You can do that by investing in a high-quality wax paste then applying a thin coat of it to the surface. Leave it there for around five minutes then get a soft shoe brush and use it to buff the area lightly.

Leave it for thirty to sixty more minutes. After that, buff the area again but this time, put a gentle pressure. This is a big help in restoring the shine in the area and protecting it from the harsh elements.

Paint it

Another way to prolong the life of your wood furniture while also giving it a makeover is to paint it. High-quality paint is also a big help in giving the piece of furniture the kind of protection it needs. With the help of good paint, you can restore its lost charm and sheen and make it look brand new again.

If possible, use latex paint as this can provide a high level of protection to the item. This is also one of the most commonly used paints for coating outdoor wooden furniture. It makes wood more versatile and durable while sealing wood fibers and protecting them from water penetration.

Put on a water sealant

With the somewhat unpredictable weather, it is necessary to apply some precautionary measures to ensure that your wood furniture is fully protected. Apply a water sealant to preserve the look of wood while protecting the material from the rain. Apart from protecting your furniture from outside moisture, it also helps to dry damp wood inside the sealant quickly. It also cleans up stains, protects the wood, and preserve its color.

Flip the furniture

Some pieces of furniture feature reversible elements. For instance, you can find sofas with reversible cushions. If you have this type of furniture, you may want to flip it every few months. It helps in prolonging the lifespan of furniture and retain its shape for a long period.

If you only use a couple of chairs every day in your dining room, then you may want to rotate these pieces of furniture from time to time. This will allow the pieces to receive equal use, thereby extending their life. You may also want to flip a piece of furniture if one of its sides already generated scratches. You can put the side without damage on plain view then conceal the other.


Solid wood is one of the sturdiest materials for furniture but you still need to give it tender loving care to make it last. With the simple tips here, your wooden furniture will be able to function for a longer period without losing its original value and look.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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