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Best Social Media Groups to Learn Gambling Tricks

Social media is known to entice people to gamble on different platforms and try different games. As advertising platforms, these prove to be effective in grabbing the attention of users, allowing them to check new games and offers habitually, either by subscribing to a particular community or by following others or communities that advertise games and bonus offers at casinos.

Network for Casinos

Casino portals are not only single entities, but they have affiliate and sister sites that form a network with them. Not only do they increase their presence through sister or affiliate sites but also by advertising on different forums. One of the effective channels to leverage is social media. The internet has become widespread, and online portals like gaming or gambling domains use online marketing services to spread the word and lure more players to their domains.

By 2016 the social media had become recognised as an effective way to reach out and engage new customers. Offline and online casinos, as well as affiliate partners, realised that their marketing campaigns needed to be tuned to these channels in order to attract and engage customers to their games and portals. 2017 showed results for marketing campaigns that channelized social media and were recognised to be major in most marketing drives. These are also low-cost channels as compared to established print and outdoor media advertising options that tend to be high priced.

Social media plays a large role in the daily lives for most, and hence, it has become not only an integral part of the marketing success for most casinos but has formed a strong network of players who are eager to share their experience and tips on gambling.

Network for Casinos

Social Media Channels and How They Engage Customers

As per research findings, people are found to spend about 3 hours per day on special media channels on average. These platforms allow gambling and associated portals to connect with customers, engage gamers as well as create relationships with them through social media. Hence, unlike flash ads on different domains, the social channels allow one to advertise, engage and continue customer relationships which is great for business among casinos and associated sites.

Every platform has certain unique features, and these are leveraged in different ways by the gambling companies to gain the attention of existing and new customers as well as to engage with them.

Brand Awareness

Besides flash ads in different domains and other promo campaigns, the ads posted on the public channels help people become aware of a new casino brand as well as their games and promo offers.

Engaging Customers

While new customers can become aware of casinos and their offers, those who are subscribers are offered something extra through these channels as broadcast messages can be sent on these platforms and are received by all members and subscribers in a prompt manner.

Different Social Media Channels and Their Benefits

Here are the different sites and what they offer to the gambling community.


This particular platform offers one-liner messages or ways of communication promoted by hashtags. As and when new promos, offers or games are launched, a hashtag created and shared can be clicked upon to reveal more details or lead customers to the site. UK casino bonuses listing is easy to share with others, leading to others being led back to the portal, allowing the number of followers to increase. Twitter also makes it profitable for the businesses; dividends are paid to subscribers who follow casino sites through this platform. Twitter also picks up on member preferences and tailors schemes that would interest certain demographic of members. That brings in the right segment of followers and players to a site who then receive regular updates on casino promotions.

Twitter has certain policies regarding the promotion of gambling content which are online slots, bingo, sports betting sites as well as brick and mortar establishments can avail of. Online casino bonuses, vouchers and coupons, as well as bonus codes, can be promoted and redeemed through Twitter handles as well as tips and related services for poker odds and tips, handicapping, forecasts and calculator services.


Facebook gambling

This is probably the largest site that can have extensive content about gambling or casino sites and their services. Most of these companies or websites have their own page on Facebook; here subscribers can read messages and new updates that are put up, allowing customers or subscribers to make informed decisions before they opt to try a new slot or take up a new bonus scheme. They can share these posts with others who can then decide to visit the sites or share the same. Facebook pages help showcase detailed description of websites, allow for images to be uploaded along with anchor posts. Video posts are engaging and deliver news with useful info to readers in the catchiest manner. This channel also allows authorised gambling, sportsbook, poker and bingo operators to advertise. This lends credibility to the names that are found on this platform.


This is yet another community that focuses on image and video content sharing and promotions. It proved its effectiveness for several brands whereby one could showcase their products and services through videos and images and capture attention customers as well as get them to follow and stay updated on their offerings.

Instagram is known to have grown fastest among the other similar platforms. Brands are able to create audiences who are centred on a certain lifestyle or idea. Gaming brands online can use innovative ideas to attract new users as well as expand their brand above their existing audience circle. The marketing tool works on interests and lifestyle topics. Gamblers can promote their successes while affiliates can present games and bonus schemes in ways to attract new and existing members of such sites. They can also showcase the lifestyles of successful gamblers and how that can be achieved by online gambling.

Other Platforms

YouTube, WhatsApp and others are also options in engaging customers socially. As most casinos go mobile, receiving offers and updates on the go on smartphones and tablets are quick ways to stay in touch with customers. YouTube, in particular, offers several options, from video tutorials on how to play different games to promo videos and ads that can be flashed with ease and followers gained overnight.


Social media groups that allow users to subscribe, follow and share are sustained solutions to marketing attempts by casinos and helpful resources for gamblers. While flashing ads help in bringing attention to a particular brand name or online casino bonuses, the need to sustain attention, engage customers and bring in new customers to one’s site is achieved well through the different public engagement channels that have regular subscribers and followers. On top of that, social media opens up new possibilities for customers to share their honest personal experiences on bonuses, games, and tricks applied, helping their gambling comrades.


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Written by Nat Sauteed

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