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Are Online Casino Games Legit?

Decades ago, gambling was introduced by the Chinese through lotteries and pai gow which is played through dominoes. Later Greeks also found it interesting and started gambling to entertain themselves. People love to gamble because of it’s riskiness as well as the outcome it provides. It is an interesting pastime that has pretty much existed throughout history with different practices and rules.

Casinos are visited by people that try their luck at slot machines and tables. Today, millions of people gamble through the internet. Instead of visiting the casino in person, they tend to play online. The technology has made it possible for people to play online casino games with so much convenience and flexibility in the comfort of their homes.

Spinning wheels, rolling a dice, risking money on the turn of a card offers so much excitement and entertainment that you can’t understand until you’ve experienced it. This is one of many reasons why the casino industry is so popular worldwide. With the contributions of technology, the online casino industry has made it more popular and demanding among people.

Online Casinos

Understandably, online casinos are relatively making more profit than the land casinos. It’s because they offer several types of games that land casinos do not. Moreover, they also provide a chance to play different games at the same time. Apart from that, online casinos offer exclusive bonuses and free gaming sessions as well. One of the many good reasons is that you don’t need to get stuck in traffic to get entertained through a game of casino. Get entertained at the comfort of your house.

The online casino industry is very competitive and huge. Now that is it so famous, people from all walks of life enjoy and find interest in it. The service provider keeps making promotional offers to attract players. Some very common offers include:

  1. Free slot machine spins daily
  2. Cash prize after registration on the mobile application
  3. Start from a minimum $1 rather than $20 unlike land casinos
  4. Multitasking between various games
  5. Free first few games in order to understand the rules

Most people wonder whether online casinos are legal or not. Websites established in countries like Australia, Germany, the Carribean, and Latin America have made it legal to wager online while in the United States it is still debatable because of a few states.

In this article, we will describe whether online casinos are legal or illegal. We will also share certain safety precautions to take before signing up for a particular website.

Licensing and Auditing of Online Casinos

The law regulates gambling in most of the countries around the world. Therefore the owners of the websites need to have a license. The reputable and popular websites of online gambling are aware of this requirement such as Rizk, Jackpot etc.

Trustworthy and dependable websites understand the value of their potential customers. They make sure that all the important formalities are met according to the law. They develop a prominent position or page on their website related to all the licensing details. The licensed and authorized online casinos ensure that their customers are confident about their services.

Online casinos that are responsible in regards to their services know that customer satisfaction is an important responsibility. They know that some customers are keen to check whether they are depositing their money in the right place or not. That is why they ensure all the details are clearly mentioned on the website.

The virtual casinos of Canada are regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission whereas the Gambling Commission of the UK makes it possible for players to play and gamble legally. This gives the effect of a reputable online casino once the websites or mobile applications are associated or linked with them through legal documentation.

In addition to that, licensed casinos ensure that their gaming systems and business practices have high standards to keep the customers coming back. Reputable casinos or businesses focus highly on customer retention.

Moreover, online casinos are regulated by an eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance Company (eCOGRA). This is a London based testing agency that works internationally for the protection of players and maintaining consistency in the standards of the online casino industry. A certificate of eCOGRA is also important for website operators to possess.

Having A Trusted Banking Method

Players who sign in to participate in online casinos are required to fulfil a few requirements such as their birthday and year, their account details in order to make deposits for their wins or loss, etc. They are supposed to play bets, collect prizes and share money transfer.

To completely satisfy customers, the service providers should operate broad choices of online methods so that their customers can process online transactions confidently. For instance, players from a particular state or country should be given several choices of familiar online banks which are also operated internationally. Such as Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro, PayPal, Entro Pay, Instant Banking, Insta Debit, etc. Websites also ensure to give proper details related to each one of them so that their customers can conveniently use them.

Safety Precautions for Customers

  1. Make sure to install anti-virus software before downloading any gambling software on your PC or mobile. Keep the anti-virus software updated at all times.
  2. Get a secure username and password to stay protected from any unwanted problems.
  3. Before playing or depositing money, make sure to read the term and conditions of the website. This will give you different details as well as proper ones so that you can process the procedure successfully.
  4. Make sure to play or gamble on secure websites that consist of ‘https’ in their URL as well as a padlock security icon.
  5. Most websites offer free game sessions. Try them out first until you are sure that you know the rules of the games. Don’t start betting if you are uncertain of the rules.
  6. Don’t continue gambling in order to win back your lost money. This will result in huge debt.
  7. Always gamble with a small amount of money to enjoy and entertain yourself. Don’t gamble with money you cannot afford to lose.


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Written by Nat Sauteed

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