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The Investment Essentials Every 20 Something Must Know Of

The day you hit your 20s, a certain sense of invincibility takes over you. You start feeling that nothing can ever hurt you and making money does not seem like a factor to fret over. It is you against the world. But, as you age and hit your mid-twenties or late-twenties, the grim realities of life start seeing the light of your day. You realise that you have wasted the golden years of your life, throwing caution to the wind and doing nothing about investing money in the right places. Therefore, instead of recklessly spending all your money in your twenties (and time!), try finding safer means of investing your hard-earned money. In this article, we shall look into all the ways of safe investment (about which you can read up on that a young adult can possibly think of. Several years down the line when you would have no financial woes gnawing at your existence, you shall bless yourself for the wise decision that you had taken years ago.

To Begin With, Learn All About Compound Interest

Compound interest can be defined as the kind of interest that you accrue when the interest on your investments start to compound. However, for the effect to take place, it is crucial that you value time and start investing right in your twenties. If you squander away the time you have at hand, you will be toying with your prospects of making money. The interest that you accrue on your savings takes time to compound on itself. Therefore, you must start taking an interest in learning the ropes of compound interest and engage in the financial process in your golden years of life. There is no point thinking about it when you are in your middle age. You would only be facing a severe mid-life crisis that way.

Treat Investing As A Part Of A Bigger Financial Plan

Though, we started by saying that you should make investing a part of your life and learn where and how to invest, yet it should only be treated as a part of a bigger picture. Investments should be on your mind, but not the only thing that should be on your mind when it comes to monetary affairs. There are several factors to consider before you think of investing money. For instance, if you have a bad spending habit or several debts snowballing by the minute, you need to think carefully if you would want to proceed with your thoughts of investments. An investment is a commitment and not one from which you can pull out easily. There could be legal and psychological repercussions to it. Therefore, factor in all the aspects of your financial health before you think of an investment plan. Your investments should enhance your savings and add quality to your life, not sabotage it.

Savings Too, Is An Investment In Itself

If you have never considered savings as an option for investment, maybe it is time to think things through. The moment you start earning your first bread, you need to start saving a part of your income. Your early 20s are your formative years. You need to be extremely careful about what you spend and where you spend money. You might have a bucket list of dreams and aspirations, and you might want to achieve those as soon as you get your first salary. However, that is not how you should be spending your money. Savings is an essential part of investment, if you did not know about that yet. Every dime you save today will only pave your way towards a financially stable future.

Research On The Various Insurance Policies

Health insurance policies, life insurance policies and retirement plans are certain things that you need to think of from day zero of your job. You are not invincible against the forces of nature. No one is. You need health insurance plans and life insurance plans that can cover for you and your family when you cannot. You need to research on all these plans so that you can invest in the best among the rest. Life is unpredictable, and it would be foolish on your part if you think otherwise.

In A Nutshell

One cannot spoon feed you when it comes to understanding investments, its types, and why it is crucial. You can learn the basics, but when it comes to making an informed decision, it is you who has to take the final call. However, you could start by taking things seriously, and by things we mean money and time. Do not wait until you hit your mid-30s or 40s. Start off early and invest whenever you find the chance. Do not waste the best years of your life being reckless.



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Written by Nat Sauteed

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