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How to Choose Halloween Costumes for Kids?

Halloween is only around the corner – the date is Thursday, 31 October, if you need reminding. Don’t forget because this is one of those holidays that call for creativity and fun.

Kids are very demanding and need the most frightening (but still adorable!) costumes. This is one of the main highlights of this season.

It would not be right to go knocking on all those doors asking for a Trick or Treat dressed inappropriately!

But what’s that? You haven’t a clue about what is appropriate for dressing your kid?

One thing’s for sure you won’t have a paucity of Halloween outfits from which to choose. As well as doing some DIY modifications you can easily spend a lot of extra bucks.

Whether it’s a favourite fictional character or something out of the realms of your imagination you are bound to find a perfect Halloween costume that will put a smile on your son or daughter’s face.

Here are some steps that you may find you have to consider:

Stage 1: The Realization

By late August – you know, when the stores start to display candy corn – it’s time to wake up to Halloween. There is not really any chance of escaping it because throughout September and October you are going to be hearing that annual question “How long until Halloween?” Be ready because you are bound to have to put up with this for around 57 days. Aren’t kids a bundle of fun!?!?

Stage 2: The Assessment

Kids will have begun their assessment of the options they have. It takes the form of the very latest Halloween costume catalog. Be prepared to be presented with this volume annotated in a striking way – no doubt a brightly colored permanent marker. You will be expected to take all that feverish circling, enthusiastic starring, and energetic marking very seriously indeed.

Stage 3: The Commitment

Be prepared, committing generally happens by surprise! It typically can occur at the bus stop or in a store when your child sees a friend and blurts out, “Hey! I’m gonna be SUPER MARIO this Halloween! How’s that!” Presented with a bank of blank faces from his friend or friends who have all decided to be the cast of Avengers, your kid will speedily move onto Stage 4.

Stage 4: The Denial

LOL. Your child is proud to announce that he or she was totally joshing about being Super Mario. It was just a joke, right! Someone he or she knows is going to be the Nintendo mascot. This the moment when you get a whisper in your ear asking if it’s possible to rent the Avengers movie, so the new set of options can be scanned.

Stage 5: The Panic

Panic and fear are stoked by older child relatives, like your kid’s cousins, revealing that they have decided to be cool and dress as football players. This is bound to create a great deal of angst and worry because it throws up A CHOICE! What is your child to do? Should he or she side with the friends or swing with the relatives?

Stage 6: The Reassurance

This is the moment when your parental calm needs to interject. To help your child commit to the ultimate Halloween costume selection is an opportunity for you to discuss life-enhancing topics like the value of independence, how to make your own choices, and why practicality is essential — because not every mom can knock together a Thor, Black Widow, Captain America or Bruce Banner costume with just a few days’ notices.

Stage 7: The Acceptance

Be prepared for the final announcement. It’s now official! Your kid has decided he or she is either going to dress as a COWBOY or a SQUAW! Hallelujah!… But wait…

Stage 8: The Doubt

The school Halloween parade has a case doubt of the Western idea. Dressing up as if it was still the Wild West is now considered tired and old hat. As a consequence, your kid announces it is time that is really suitable for Halloween after all.

Stage 9: The Bribe

Being a parent at this stage is a powerful place to be. October 31 is about to arrive, and your child is refusing to wear the costume he or she previously selected because it is not considered as cool as it wants to be. This is the time when it is suddenly acceptable for you to wave the stick and dangle the carrot: “If you don’t wear the costume, there will be no candy!”

Stage 10: The End

At the mention of candy your child is bound to cascade down to the basement, grab whatever costume is available and head out of the door, pillow in hand!

Halloween is now upon us! It’s a time of year when kids thrill at the idea of being frightened. Your kids have no doubt been pestering you to take them to a haunted house with a disturbing hayride and loads of bad actors covered in fake blood who jump out and scream.

When you come to choose one of our kids’ costumes you will discover they have been organized by both theme and age to make it easy to discover exactly what you are looking for and so you are able to compare different characters.

The range begins with newborn costumes, and continues through baby costumes for kids aged between six and 24 months, to toddler outfits for 2-year to 4-year-olds.

For kids in the older age ranges including teens, we find the most popular ranges are the Superheroes, Ninjas, Pirates and the girls Princess costumes. Classic choices for superheroes include Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, and the Transformers. But there is a full range from TNMT Turtles as well as Super Mario costumes.

When it comes to Halloween costumes for kids anything really goes from comical to action and adventure. Finding a costume for your kids is exciting and you can rest assured in the knowledge that whatever is selected is bound to be used over and over again.



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Written by Nat Sauteed

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