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Some Important Points To Know Before Writing An Essay

Writing an essay differs from the classic modes of narrative or poetry (poetry), because it follows editorial methods completely different from other writing styles. To write an essay, whatever the topic, you must first create a mind map of what you will have to write and prepare a list of the arguments you want to discuss. These may be specialized interventions, interviews with professionals on the subject, or simple, widely shared theories or elite hypotheses that are persuasive and credible. In fact, nobody would write something that somehow cannot be shared by the majority of people. Even an ideal with regard to even a small niche of a few followers, it needs supporters who follow it and have the desire to observe its regulations.

The essay is a treatment characterized by a fair length. However, it is possible to consider even shorter elaborate essays, the text of which is developed within 20/30 pages. It can be considered to all intents and purposes a literary genre since for writing it is necessary to respect a series of formal rules. The scientific text is usually written by a specialist and is aimed primarily at experts in the subject being studied.

The essay writing is subdivided into editorial notes, index, possible preface, introduction and subsequent chapters (generally no less than a dozen) and the conclusion which can be followed by an in-depth afterword, a site-script, a bibliography and a section dedicated to books and other similar works suggested to readers.

It is important to point out that there is a certain difference between the bibliography and the section on recommended books, because the first contains all the works of the genre covered in the essay or at least a substantial sampling, while the section of recommended books follows purely commercial rules and aims to report only those titles that are related to the topic of the essay and that for this reason could interest our reader.

The handwriting site is nothing but the reporting of Internet sites and portals that talk about the same topic of our essay. Writing an essay does not mean that you know everything about the subject. None of us is a “skilled”, there is always some shadow area in what we know and that is why the narrative style of the essay is considered freer and perhaps even easier to draft because they come to the aid of experts topic that clarifies the obscure points thanks to targeted interventions on specific topics or specific sectors. We of course can propose a theme or ask questions to ask the experts and in this way, almost without realizing it, we will find our book in a wise version in no time at all.

Writing an essay is simpler than writing fiction or scientific books because the writing process of this kind of non-fiction works is absolutely free. The only absolutely required rule is the logical consequentiality of the arguments and the order in which we expose the various themes.

We cannot move from one topic to another and then resume it indiscriminately in another section of the book. We will have to follow a well-ordered logical line in order to enable the reader to follow the chronology of the events concerning the essay (for example a historical research).

In the essay, quotations and reworkings of the concepts expressed by others are admitted but remember to always quote the source of the original text or excerpts from the works of other writers.

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