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What to Look For In Vape Juice

With so many options available out there, you may find it difficult choosing the perfect e-juice for your vaping needs. But with this guide, you can comfortably pinpoint what’s right for you. Read on to discover the ingredients in vape juice, the best flavors, as well as the best flavors available on today’s market.

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Choosing Your Preferred PG/VG Ratio

When shopping around for vape juice, you’ll realize that so many of them feature different PG/VG as well as nicotine levels. Depending on their vaping device or personal preferences, most people have a favorite PG/VG ratio. And this is often different for everyone. However, a 50/50 blend is a very common ratio.

Both VG (Vegetable Glycerin) plus PG (Propylene Glycol) are odorless liquids. They’re found in nearly all types of e-juices but in varying ratios. Although these liquids serve a purpose, it’s always important to note that there are certain differences.

Why PG Is Extremely Important?

Propyl glycol refers to a petroleum by-product that’s commonly found in medicines, baby wipes, makeup, and lotion shampoo.

Research shows that it’s safe for oral as well as topical use. But some people fear that it could be toxic since it’s derived from petroleum, but this isn’t true. Though it isn’t harmful to humans, e-juice can be toxic to cats- so don’t allow your furry friend, to ingest any of these products. Since PG is a thinner substance, it doesn’t leave behind sticky buildup on the vape device.

Finding the Right Nicotine Content

E-juices often come in a wide range of nicotine strengths. Various brands offer different options and deliver different levels of nicotine. So, when purchasing your favorite flavor, take this aspect into consideration. Most vape juice bottles are labeled with its specific nicotine content, so it’s always easy to find a brand that’s best suited to your personal preferences. Most people strive to minimize their nicotine intake for health reasons. And with traditional cigarettes, this can be extremely hard to achieve- but with vape juice, it’s extremely easy. Start by purchasing an e-juice featuring a higher nicotine level, and then gradually reduce your intake to a level that you’re more comfortable with. Doing this will help eliminate nicotine withdrawal symptoms. In fact, you can opt to walk your way down to nicotine-free whilst still enjoying the benefits of smoking.

Available Options

You’ll always have the option to choose from numerous nicotine levels, including 0mg/mL, 3 mg/mL, 6 mg/mL, 12 mg/mL, 18 mg/ml, and 24 mg/mL. Certain brands offer even greater nicotine levels, but most people will feel comfortable with these nicotine levels. The amount of nicotine you need will be solely determined by your own dependence on the substance. If you intend to infuse the vape juice with your preferred herb, consider buying a nicotine-free option at Blazed Vapes.

The Bottom-Line

When shopping around for vape juice, there are two important factors you should seriously consider; PG/VG ratio and nicotine content. Both of them play a significant role in determining the quality of your vape juice.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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