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A Comprehensive Full Moon Party Guide

Your trip to South East Asia is not complete if you do not enjoy the special ingredient, Full Moon Party. This region is known for the bountiful night parties, alcohol, the high-spirited people, and the amazingly spectacular views. The most famous full moon party in Asia takes place at Haad Rin beach located on a small island, Koh Phangan, which is on the East Coast of Thailand. However, this is not the only one.

Koh Phangan has been a significant tourist attraction for years, hosting thousands of tourists flocking to this place in search of the best full moon party experience. Mostly, the party hosts up to 50,000 people who come all the way to dance the night away, and you cannot afford to be left out.

What does the party entail?

When you hear of the full moon party, the first thing that will come to your mind is the showing up of the full moon. It sounds more like a gathering of crowds under a full moon on an island, praising and praying to the moon.

However, this celebration started as a small gathering of friends who came together in the 1980s, but it later grew to one of the biggest and notorious parties in Asia and the planet in large. It features fire and body paints to make the party even more exotic. People opt to gather near the beach to enjoy the breeze as they share bucket drinks with attendees from all night. However, for you to enjoy and have the best party, you need to have a plan in advance, and here are some tips to guide you through the plan.

Book your accommodation as early as you can

As mentioned, the full moon party hosts up to 50, 000 attendees from across the globe. This is more like the high peak season when everyone wants to go to Koh Phangan. The hotels fill up fast, especially those around Haad Rin. You cannot enjoy the party if you are not sure of where you are going to lay your head, and that’s why you need to book your accommodation in advance. However, if you wish, you can take a bus, train or flight from Bangkok to Koh Phangan to get there on time and go back as soon as the party is over. Luckily, with booking sites like Bookaway, you are assured of having the best trip to and from the full moon party.

Carry your paint

Any serious full moon party features UV body paint and fluorescent t-shirts. You will find people with witty slogans drawn all over their bodies or clothes heading to the beach. You will also find stalls providing these services and charging you up to 250 Baht based on your preferred design. This is quite a lot of money, especially if you are working on a tight budget. You do not have to spend all your savings at the party. Instead, you can carry your paint and save on this. You can use the paint to cover yourself with your preferred tats through the night.

Buy your drinks elsewhere

This is another money-saving aspect. The drinks at the beach are highly-demanded, meaning that the price will be high too. You can enjoy drinking all night without necessarily buying them at the beach. It is all a matter of planning, and if you get your bucket bear from supermarkets a bit far from the beach, you will have as much fun while saving a lot.

Drink as much water as you can

You will be partying all night, and your body might not take it so well. You should hydrate, especially if you want to make it to sunrise. Carry water in your backpack, but again, avoid buying it at the beach as its likely to be more expensive. Hydrating provides you with energy, which is precisely what you need if you want to dance all night and avoid a hangover.

When does the party begin?

As the name suggests, the full moon party happens when there is a full moon. However, the party itself begins some days before the moon shows up, as people from all over the globe land on the island. New Year ’s Eve tends to attract more people, and the beach gets full by as early as 8 pm.

With this guide, you have all the information you need regarding the full moon party. You can begin the preparations to get there and have the best moments of your lifetime.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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