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These Fashion Kickstarters Are Too Good Not To Back

If you’re like me you’ve backed and funded many kickstarter projects. Some have turned out to be terrible, some have been awesome. Well, we want to know your opinions on the hottest and most ‘must have’ projects going on right now.

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#1 NonBinary Grackle Enamel Pin

Inspired by the Make 100 Projects, I decided to turn a drawing into an enamel pin.

So, I spent a lot of time a few months ago staring at enamel pins, including gender pride pins, on websites like Etsy, Amazon, and Kickstarter, and I noticed that, while there was plenty of pins for Gay Pride, Bisexual Pride, Trans Pride, and Ace Pride, there wasn't a lot out there for "the others" the Nonbinary. So I decided to make one.

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#2 Gidget Swimwear

Gidget Swimwear is comfortable, functional swimwear that keep you covered. Gidget Swimwear is made for those that have a love affair with water. Of all the swimming suits on the market, there are very few that actually function and are comfortable in the water. Many women’s swimming suits don’t fit well because they are made for only one body type, but in reality many of us don't fit that criteria. Our suits are designed for comfort and coverage for many body shapes and sizes. Our cross back style suits take the strain off your neck that halter suits typically give you, and help distribute the weight for the most comfort and function. Our suits contain a lower shelf bra to fit women with chests of all sizes. Our suits are double lined and fit tight to the skin for full containment, and comfort, providing full chest and booty coverage. No tugging or pulling necessary. 

Gidget Swimwear was created for those searching for the perfect swimming suit. Our suits balance fashion, comfort, and style AND still keep you covered. We don't want you to have to worry whether or not the suit will hold you in - we've got you covered!

Back us on Kickstarter today to get your Gidget swimsuit!

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DTMX is a brand of funky silver socks for healthy feet, that incorporates fashion, sustainability & innovation.

DTMX stands for Doctor Tripp & the Moonlight Xpress, who are 2 the most important people behind this project: its creativity and brainstorm.

A time ago, we were looking for a pair of socks that kept our feet fresh and comfortable for a long day, but yet trendy and fashionable. We also wanted socks with an eye catching, timeless look. The socks that are on the market today offer either one (sport socks) or the other (just ordinary dress socks) and we felt like there had to be something better out there.

So one day while searching the internet for those exclusive socks, it dawned on us to create our own socks for healthy feet that incorporates fashion, sustainability & innovation. That's how DTMX socks were born.

Freshness & functionality of DTMX socks is a core value of the brand. Antibacterial effect of our garments is due to silver (Ag) nano-particles blended into the yarn. The antibacterial effect is permanent and can not be removed by washing.


* antibacterial effect resulting from the suppression of bacteria and fungi* anti-allergenic* lightweight - suitable for sports* airflow enhancing technology* fiber strength* feet odor reduction* perfect for any daily wear occasion: gym, office, club or long journey* moisture wicking

DTMX socks timeless designs incorporate minimalism contrasting with an array of bright geometrical patterns, celebrating art, architecture, great music and great time.

DTMX deliver a high quality sock that is responsibly made and durable. All our garments are manufactured to the highest quality standards. DTMX socks production facility is located in the heart of Europe in a small town of Třebič, Czech republic. The factory has been established in 1935 and has a long history including cooperation with high-end brands, making it one of the top sock knitters in the world.

Made from 2 types of yarn: premium combed cotton or bamboo fiber.

* seamless toe closure* reinforced heel and toe* breathable premium cotton or bamboo fiber

DTMX socks is one of the few manufacturers of socks that still operate in the old way, with the socks closed by hand. What this implies is that, when the sock leaves the knitting machine, it is moved to a separate flat-bed machine, where the points of the sock (the final stitches on the outer edge of the sock) are matched together one by one on a serrated wheel, and looped together with a single thread of cotton, wool, silk or cashmere fabric. This results in a seam so flat, that you cannot feel it when wearing the socks.

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#4 Agent GirlPower – Cool feminist fashion. Wear your values!

Agent GirlPower Kickstarter

This is "Agent GirlPower Kickstarter" by S I S T E R W O L F on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

What’s Agent GirlPower?

Agent GirlPower is the Arab world's first feminist fashion brand. Our mission is to help Arab feminists take up more space in the global women's movement. We also want to create solidarity between Arab + Western feminists, as no matter the language or nationality, feminists are better united!

Agent GirlPower blends fashion with social consciousness, empowering women (+ men!) to wear their feminist values in both Arabic + English. We all deserve social justice + gender equality. Wear your Agent GirlPower + spark conversations about feminism wherever you go. Lets make change happen!

Our Collection.

The 1st Agent GirlPower Collection is made up of 10 items of clothing + jewelry. True to Agent GirlPower values, the entire collection is ethically made.

Clothing is made with certified organic cotton in India by women paid fair wages in good conditions. Jewelry is made out of recycled brass in Kenya by women living in the Kybera slum paid fair trade wages.

Check out our products on the Kickstarter site and follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook !

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SOX is raising funds for FIGURE OX by SOX | Be UNIQUE to STAND OUT on Kickstarter! Colorful, Bright, and Eye-catching! SOX will be the most unique socks you will ever wear. #showyoursox #ootd

SOX is a brand that created a set of 7 colorful and vibrant socks. 1 pair of socks for each day. 

Each design is unique, some are detail and fine while others have striking colors. I like how the materials wraps around your calves and give a slimming effect. It's a long socks that doesn't cover your knee but just below your knee. According to source, each socks is printed individually, which is quite different from usual mass production. 

If you like funky and aesthetic socks, or something that makes you stand out in Instagram photos, this socks is a good addition to the closet. 

Currently, Super Early Bird price is selling for about $6/ pair, a good deal to shop early for Christmas

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#8 Wado – Sustainable Sneakers Inspired By The 80sWe Are Wado, the

Wado - Sustainable Sneakers Inspired By The 80s

wado is raising funds for Wado - Sustainable Sneakers Inspired By The 80s on Kickstarter! We plant two trees for each pair of sneakers you get. Sustainably produced. #playgreen, become a Gamechanger.

We Are Wado, the Unisex Sneakers Brand for Gamechangers who Play Green.


The sneakers we have designed are based on three simple principles: sustainability, design and fair price. We realized that the sustainable fashion products that are currently traded in the market are much more expensive than non-sustainable ones and they do not follow fashion trends.

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#9 Picture Perfect Smile: Tooth Whitening

Instagram post by Picture Perfect Smile * Feb 19, 2018 at 2:21pm UTC

4 Likes, 1 Comments - Picture Perfect Smile (@picutreperfectsmile) on Instagram

Ever wish your teeth were whiter for a special occasion or that special photo?  

Look no further!  Picture Perfect Smile is a one of a kind temporary tooth whitening system that you can apply yourself, from the comfort of your own home!  You simply apply the product directly to your teeth, let it dry and you are set to smile confidently with white teeth for the remainder of the day.  At the end of the day, simply wipe or brush off the solution.

This product will revolutionize the way we look at teeth whitening. No longer will you have to spend weeks and months attempting to whiten your teeth even a little bit.  Just apply for the day and get that confident smile in a matter of minutes!

Support this special product and receive some product from the first production run!

Check out the Kickstarter here: Picture Perfect Smile

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  1. I was very happy with the product ! I Don’t smile much because I’m not comfortable with the shade of my teeth .I was able to feel confident in my smile and actually smile while I used the product ! My smile looked great in photos! Thank you !!

#10 World’s First PJs to Stay In From Home to The Office!

At Dirtywater we appreciate the relaxing and cozy feel of pajamas. However, we wanted to recreate the style and idea of them. So, we spent the last 10 months working relentlessly to design the perfect pajama separates, slip dresses and robes for in and beyond your home.

Check out the ultimate in luxury pajamas made in the USA. The contemporary wardrobe essentials for women who deserve comfort and style!

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#11 The Only Bag with the Packing List Included

Not only are KAROLIINE BAGS the perfect bags for organization, but they are the only bags designed with the intent to promote independence in people (big and small) that may need additional assistance in the packing process. Finally, people of all abilities can pack their personal belongings independently, and not forget a thing! Help us change the world, one bag at a time.

Ending Soon! Back this project on Kickstarter!

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#12 The Worlds Most Elegant Plus Shoe Women’s Collection

An elegant treat for larger feet

Brand new luxury lady’s footwear brand launches worldwide Kickstarter campaign

Finding shoes in larger sizes can be a real struggle for women with high-street stores having limited choice if you’re over a size 7. Birmingham UK based designer, Arabel Manners, has just launched her new luxury footwear brand to overcome this problem.

“This brand was inspired by my mother, who struggled to find shoes that she liked in her size due to having larger feet. Unfortunately, most high-street and designer footwear labels don’t cater for larger sizes. We’ve decided to try a crowdfunding campaign to launch the collection, raising the funds will enable us to put the styles into production.”

Pledge Now and lets change the fashion market!

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#13 Auxilry – Dynamic Interchangeable Shirt Accessories 2.0!

Style, Gadgetry and Reinvention!

Think Different, Look Different! Be the first to “CUSTOMIZE” your wardrobe automatically, with one fix! Make your own style! Impress everyone with Dynamic Auxilry Interchangeable Shirt Accessories 2.0! In a few seconds, it changes the entire look of the shirt! Customize casual button down shirts, polos, dress shirts and even dresses!

No Sewing Required!

Impress your prospects and clients... your boss... your friends... your co-workers. Only your fingers will know the secret!! Your “Signature Look” is what everyone will remember - long after everyone else’s expensive cologne or perfume has worn off!

It’s like a revolution in shirts, buttons, neckties and cuff-links - All At Once!

Pledge today on Kickstarter and become an Auxilry PCC member here: Auxilry on Kickstarter

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#14 Best Hand-Made ties!

Come get an AMAZING hand-made Mongolian tie AND help a family in need at the same time! Come visit our KickStarter today! Only a few days left!

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#15 Handske Gloves

Express Yourself with Handske Gloves

Aren't you tired of good gloves with dull designs, or good looking gloves that just don't fit right? Handske matches your mood or gear with reliable performance. Whether you're shredding singletrack, riding #roadslikethese  or ripping the city streets, you deserve stylish protection. Our goal is to create stylish prints on a fixed glove design. In that way your gloves will be unique like the fingerprint in our logo and you will always look box fresh on the trails.

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#16 The Answer – Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy enamel pins

The Answer enamel pins

Ben Farrow is raising funds for The Answer enamel pins on Kickstarter! The first enamel pin by Estragon Helmer. Inspired by The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy it's a cute addition to your geeky collection

My first ever enamel pin design, The Answer, is a cute little bit of geekiness inspired by The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

The Answer enamel pin is based on a vector artwork I created, inspired by my favourite book, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The artwork featured a number of ideas from the book in a minimalist negative space design. Now, you can get the cute li'l whale and bowl of petunias as the perfect enamel pin to show your geek pride.

Having passed 100% funding, the campaign is now heading for a Stretch Goal, with a second pin of the Guide Mk II from the fifth book, Mostly Harmless.

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#17 Feminine Figures – Women’s Professional Pocketed Slacks/Legg

Feminine Figures is a company created by women for women. We have created the perfect hybrid of slacks and leggings for the professional work environment, the gym, and leisure. Profesionally Pocketed design are a blend of slacks and leggings combining professionalism with comfort. They are opaque, pet-hair resistant, and have double outer thigh zippered pockets that are large enough for an iphone plus. The exercise and leisure blends also come equipped with double zipper pockets and designed for every activity under the sun! These pockets can hold your phone, ipod, wallet, keys, pepper spray/safety equipment, insulin pumps/medications, sunglasses, whatever you need! We believe that professional working women need a fashion overhaul! We want the comfort and stretch of leggings with the professional and sleek look of slacks. Pocketed slacks and leggings are the future and Feminine Figures wants to be a part of the evolution! Please support our kickstarter and be the first to own and contribute to the Future of Fashion with Feminine Figures!


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#18 Penny Heart – Convertible, Modular Minibags That Fit Every Style

The Mini Penny is the world's first convertible, modular luxury minibag for women. By swapping a few modular components, you can create dozens of looks for your Mini Penny bag. You no longer have to dress up to your bag or carry around extra bags to match your daily outfits. Now, your bag will dress up to you.

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#20 Cybersecurity Enamel Pins by AJ Brown

From lockpicking, phishing, cryptography, and more, these cybersecurity enamel pins let you show off your enthusiasm for cybersecurity in a colorful and fashion-forward manner. Have you ever been interested in hacking computers and breaking into other peoples' networks? Show off your expertise or enthusiasm with these technically accurate enamel pins.

Head over to the Cybersecurity Enamel Pin kickstarter page to help the project reach its funding goals!

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My name is Tiffany Cooper – the owner and founder of Nikkou Store coming soon to Casuarina. Call me crazy, but I have decided to leave the 9 – 5 and begin my life long (27 year) dream of sharing beautiful pieces in my very own concept store.

Memories from my childhood bring me back to my first fashion parade at three years of age, in my hometown of Lithgow. It was a Teddy Bear’s Picnic fundraising event, I modelled Oshkosh b'gosh whilst flinging along my favourite Teddy Bear, I had picked out earlier. I was basically on my way to the Victoria Secret show. A few years later my Mum brought home a VHS copy of Grease (1998) starring Olivia Newton John and John Travolta. The storyline of transforming Sandy from a good girl gone bad by sporting a new look had me mesmerised. I watched it over and over studying the outfits, the music, the hair, until I knew every outfit and every word off by heart.

In 2000 after surviving the 'apocalypse' Mum persuaded Dad that we were swapping our small quiet town of Lithgow in the Blue Mountains for a life of glitz and glamour on the Gold Coast. ‘We are moving with or without you Ash,’ I remember Mum saying to Dad. As primary school came and went, and Year 12 graduation came closer, my friends ventured off to Uni and I followed my dream of working in the fashion industry to Melbourne. For just over a year I worked and studied, ate 99c cans of tuna for breakfast, lunch and dinner and was comforted by my electric blanket as the only source of heating. I would set up in bed in the middle of the day writing and researching for my assignments just to keep warm. I came to realise that this fashion business in Melbourne wasn’t the lifestyle I was chasing. This Aquarian, Gold Coast girl needed to be salty, sun kissed and by the sea.

I moved back home with my tail between my legs, a better understanding of the world but still eager to pursue my dream in fashion, whatever that may be - I was still yet to discover. After studying my Business Degree in Events and Marketing, working in retail customer service - most recently as the wholesale manager for Zulu & Zephyr and the continual support from my friends and family, the seed for Nikkou Store was planted. I just didn’t know where or how but I had a burning desire to work it out.

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#23 Nerdy Undies Made From Crazy Comfy, Sustainable Bamboo

Imagine a fabric softer than cashmere, more moisture absorbent and durable than cotton, and more breathable than linen. Now imagine underwear made from such a fabric, tested on hundreds of bodies to perfect the fit and is available in fun patterns to inspire your inner nerd.

Prepare your body for the most moxy-inspiring, zen-inducing underwear you will ever know!

Anti-Oder, Pro-Fresh

Moxy and Zen underwear is made with bamboo viscose, a fabric so soft and breathable, your cotton underwear will feel like plastic bags with leg holes after wearing our undies.

Bamboo viscose is so efficient at circulating air that it will keep your nether regions a degree or two cooler than wearing any other type of fabric.

It's also extremely moisture absorbent. It wicks moisture away from your skin before odor-causing bacteria has a chance to wreak havoc.

Super breathable underwear that efficiently wicks moisture away from your skin means that even after a long day in the office or traveling, Moxy & Zen undies will leave you feeling fresh, making them perfect for workaholics, travelers, hikers, or binge gamers.

Ending Soon! Back them now to lock-in Kickstarter pricing!

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#25 A R A M L E E | Convertible Leather Handbags

Convertible Leather Handbags by A R A M L E E

The campaign is live on Kickstarter:

ARAMLEE creates minimal leather handbags that change shape with a few simple moves. Her latest creation, the Rei bag, transforms from a stylish shoulder bag to a crossbody messenger bag.

Ending soon! Back this project on Kickstarter.

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You have waited for it, and so now we give it to you, the new 2018 PMJ sneaker collection! PMJ reinvents the traditional boring eco friendly sneaker - by creating newexciting designs, with a modern look, using only premium recyclable materials that preserve our environment, at fair value. You can now look great while saving the planet.

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#27 ARAMLEE | Convertible Leather Handbags

ARAMLEE | Convertible Leather Handbags

ARAMLEE is raising funds for ARAMLEE | Convertible Leather Handbags on Kickstarter! High quality leather handbags that transform into multiple shapes according to your needs

ARAMLEE creates minimal leather handbags that change shape with a few simple moves. Her latest creation, the Rei bag, transforms from a stylish shoulder bag to a crossbody messenger bag.

Ending soon! Back this project on Kickstarter.

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#28 Luxury Chemical-Free Footwear: LABORATORIO LVIII

Luxury Chemical-Free Footwear: LABORATORIO LVIII

Laboratorio 58 is raising funds for Luxury Chemical-Free Footwear: LABORATORIO LVIII on Kickstarter! Luxury sneakers made with "untreated" genuine leather and pure organic materials. Handmade and R&D in Italy. For man and woman.


Laboratorio LVIII is a line of footwear designed and built with eco-sustainable materialsincluding leathers not treated with dangerous chemical agents such as chromium and other harmful substances normally present in the footwear industry chain. We are launching a pre-sale campaign with a special price for an unisex sneaker model of our collection: MEZZOGIORNO, available in white/panna and black color.  

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#29 CANO – The most comfortable ethically handcrafted shoe.

CANO - The most comfortable ethically handcrafted shoe.

Philipp Mayer is raising funds for CANO - The most comfortable ethically handcrafted shoe. on Kickstarter! Ethically handcrafted leather huaraches that blend Mexican tradition with modern fashion while making a social impact.

CANO is a young shoe brand that creates ethically handcrafted huaraches. The huarache [translated sandal] is a traditional Mexican shoe which has its roots in the Aztec culture and can still be found all around the country. Together with our artisans, we create and manufacture timeless shoe designs that are inspired by the traditional huarache but have a more modern twist to it. The result is our CANO, the perfect shoe for every man or woman who does not only look for unique and stylish footwear but also wants to make a statement towards sustainable fashion.

Head over to our campaign and learn more about us and our product! You only have 14 days left to get your own pair of CANOs - so hurry up! 🙂

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#30 Clearweather : Family Owned and Operated Sneaker Brand

The Contraband Collection : Lightweight Comfortable Sneakers

Founders, Owners, Footwear Designers , and Brothers Josh and Brandon Brubaker.

After working for some of the sneaker industries largest footwear brands, we decided to start our own footwear legacy to pass down to our kids. We're hungry for creating new design concepts that last for decades. We love what we do and we think there should be more independent footwear options outside the big brands. So we started a family business called Clearweather. Less Corporate, More Independent

The Contraband Collection will only be available for Pre-Order until April 6th. After that we will order the exact amount pre-ordered the ensure no pairs go to waste.

The Contraband Collection

NightSparrow for $135 / Free International shipping

NightHawk for $165 / Free International Shipping

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#31 Unicat Hard Enamel Pins

Unicat Hard Enamel Pins

April M Baird is raising funds for Unicat Hard Enamel Pins on Kickstarter! Cute unicorn animals hard enamel pins.

For the love of all that is cute and pretty!

Dress up your bag, shirt, hat, whatever with this cute magical creature, the Unicat. Already at 84% funded, we just need a little push to meet that 100% mark. This Kickstarter will end on March 29th, so let's push it!

Have a magical day!

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#32 The Rattan Bow Tie

RATTAN BOW TIE | Ethical | Sustainable | Innovative

Racso J is raising funds for RATTAN BOW TIE | Ethical | Sustainable | Innovative on Kickstarter! Stand out from the crowd with the first in the market, the handmade and eco-friendly, Rattan Bow Ties by Racso J

We introduce to you something that’s never been done before: an elegant, weaved rattan bow tie. Made of new rattan fibers and recycled scraps from various rattan products, these Eco-friendly bow ties are hand weaved using various traditional technique. Rattan is a plant-based material well-known for its strength, durability and beauty, giving our expert craftsmen flexibility for more creativity, producing each bow tie different from one another.  There are no two same pieces, just like fingerprints, making each bow tie unique.

These trendy, earthy elegant bow ties aren’t just Eco-friendly but they are also fair trade fashion product that help provide livelihood to local artisans. We aim to support developing countries starting with Southeast Asia by creating jobs that will utilize and promote the talent and skills well known from their respective regions. When our artisans are happy with their working conditions, free from unethical production practices, we are confident our rattan bow ties will be made with an extra special touch.

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