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Fashion Experts Tell Us Their Predictions For Men’s Fashion Trends In 2018/19

Photo by Brunel Johnson on Unsplash

Want to know what the future of men’s fashion holds? We reached out to fashion experts across the world, from fashion houses in Milan to hipster startups in LA to find out what they think the future of men’s fashion in 2018 and 2019 is.

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#1 A Shift In Shaving Styles

Fashion Expert: Matt Rutter

About: Matt Rutter is the owner of Otter Grooming Co, maker of premium grooming products using natural, organic, and sometimes vegan ingredients.

Otter Grooming Co. | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Fashion comes in waves, and the next circuit of fashion inspiration may see a throwback to the eighties. While the beard is here to stay, we're going to see a shift in shaving styles. Specifically, we're talking about an altogether clean-shaven look, perhaps leaving just a little bit of stubble, away from the hipster looking beard. Think day after pulling an all-nighter with just a little bit of stubble.

This means that 2018/2019 will see an increased demand for quality grooming products like straight razors, shaving creams, and aftershaves, but also welcome in more classic barber shops where it was more about the experience than a chore.

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  1. I am extremely happy that I found all men’s fashion trends from renowned experts here. Thanks for such a wonderful post.

#2 Athleisure Is Here To Stay

Fashion Expert: Katie Cauthen

About: My name is Katie and I work with Purcado, a shoe-focused technology startup in Durham, NC. As the Content Marketing Manager, I develop content strategy and implement plans and initiatives to drive traffic, engagement, and leads to our company blog and web pages. Managing all aspects of content marketing, I create stories about fashion, shoes, and shopping deals that are consistent with our brand voice. As a content creator and curator, I must stay up-to-date on recent and upcoming style trends for men and women—and much of my job consists of researching and reporting on the latest news in fashion. Then, I find innovative, creative ways to spin fashion news and updates to make them relevant and useful for the everyday consumer.

At Purcado, we believe if you paid full price for the shoes on your feet, you’ve paid too much. If you shop around and shop often, you’re sure to find the same shoes at a lower price. But you don’t have the time to hop from store to store—and we get that. With Purcado, we take the stress out of shoe shopping by allowing you to search and compare prices on thousands of popular shoe styles and brands from 100+ retailers. The average Purcado user saves up to 70% off retail price from all of the top brands—like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and more. Plus, we’ve been featured on Forbes—they called Purcado the secret online shopping trend that customers love (retailers, too). And, we think you’ll love us as well.

To learn more about Purcado, visit us online or on social media at the following links. | Instagram | Facebook


Athleisure Is a Men’s Fashion Trend That’s Here To Stay, Here’s Why 

For the past several years, athleisure has been the trend to love. Joggers, oversized tees, and sneakers have welded the worlds of men’s fashion and comfort together. No longer are sneakers solely meant for the gym. And joggers? Oh, definitely not the same as sweatpants.

Go back in time and repeat that kind of commentary to someone from 2010—you would likely be met with some controversy. “Sweatpants” outside of a gym? No way. Sneakers in the office? That’s a no from me, pal. But in the last eight years, trends have changed. According to research by Morgan Stanley, the athleisure sector has seen an increase of nearly 42% since 2010. By 2020, athleisure is predicted to grow by another 30%—making it one of the most popular and steady trends of our generation.

And, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Like it or not, athleisure is here to stay.

But what makes athleisure so popular? Why is it a men’s fashion trend that’s likely to survive?

Athleisure was born out of the idea that consumers’ craved clothing that meshed with their busy lives. Between long commutes, overbook social calendars, and the desire to stay fit, the average American in 2018 doesn’t have time for the casual clothing change. Athleisure solved the problem of dragging your gym bag to the office if you wanted to get a lift in after hours. And, it fit with a global shift towards health and wellness that was occurring around the same time.

Eight years later, the shift towards health and fitness is still going strong. Younger millennials and those in Generation Z, are willing to pay a premium for health attributes, according to a global report by Nielsen. These generations are more likely to make healthier food choices and exercise more often. Fitness isn’t a fad anymore; it’s a lifestyle.

And if fit is in, it will continue to translate into the retail space, too. Consumers who are conscious of their diet and exercise habits, and treat them like a lifestyle, are also more likely to purchase fitness attire—like athleisure wear.

Our Favorite Affordable Athleisure Brands On The Rise 

At Purcado, we’re all major sneakerheads—and we’ve totally bought into the athleisure trend. Here are some of our favorite athleisure brands working hard to blur the lines between the locker room and your everyday wardrobe. Focusing on the shoes (since that’s our specialty!), we’ve compiled a list of a few must-haves.


Adidas took a page out of Nike’s playbook when they launched their Athletics line in 2016—and it’s only going to get better. Adidas has created comfortable, functional leggings, shorts, joggers, and athleisure sneakers for everyday casual wear. And, the release of the Adidas UltraBoost sneaker for men created buzz around style, making them an athleisure brand to love.

The Adidas athleisure shoe to love: Adidas NMD_R1


Comfort is the key to the perfect athleisure shoe—and Allbirds might just have the most comfortable shoes in the world. Allbirds Tree Runners are light, breezy and perfect for summer. Logoless and neutral in color, these sneakers are practical for everyday wear. Also, they’re made from natural materials instead of cheap, synthetic alternatives—so you can feel confident in doing your part to protect our environment.

The Allbirds athleisure shoe to love: Allbirds Tree Runner 


As a leader in athleisure, Nike is sure to stick to designing quality athleisure pieces. As one of the first brands to shift their style to include athleisure wear, Nike’s wide array of sneakers and activewear gives you comfort, style, and support for all of your favorite activities—especially their men's Free RN Commuter. You can take these shoes from the gym to brunch—no wardrobe change necessary.

The Nike athleisure shoe to love: Nike Huarache


The focus on lifestyle clothing versus technical gear changed the game for Puma—and they’ll begin to dominate in the athleisure department. Taking direction for other major brands that were originally popular for athletic wear, Puma has created a collection of stylish, simple designs that can be easily worn in and out of the gym.

The Puma athleisure shoe to love: Puma Heritage Basket Classics

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#3 Masculine And Feminine Ideologies

Fashion Expert: Gath A. D'Silva

About: Gath A. D'Silva has had a long career in fashion and is currently a designer at The Jacket Maker.


For starters; fashion apparel for men is moving toward a more evolved presence which has a kaleidoscopic quality that makes it really interesting. From the inclusion of colour, prints, and textures to the wide spectrum of silhouettes that move from traditional to modern and ultimately avant-garde.

Now diving right into the core of this subject, men's fashion trends from now until the next year or two will showcase styles that are relaxed, sometimes vibrant; containing a generous use of prints (often hinging on tropical elements, marine life or nature-inspired motifs) that also include artsy motifs that are abstract or animated, often influenced by tribes, tribal art, ethnic elements etc.

Many shapes and silhouettes will reflect subtle to clear references to the East i.e. China, India or even Turkey. Asymmetrical cuts and off-centered style will be quite common. All in all, men's fashion in the not so distant future may blur the line some more between masculine and feminine ideologies, but at the same time; highlight a unique mix of culture, history, and style for men.

#4 Suits And Streetwear

Fashion Expert: Joseph Pastrana | Instagram | Twitter

About: Joseph Pastrana is editor-at-large at New York Style Guide who covers fashion, interior design, art and culture. A former fashion director and current fashion publicist as well, Joseph has been actively involved in the industry for twenty years in many capacities from helping designers develop their brands to reviewing the world’s leading collections at runway shows in New York, Milan and Paris. 


Two categories within modern men’s wear have become the go-to looks in recent seasons and growing ever more important as trends – suits and streetwear. Men have finally become more conscious of updating their suits for several reasons. First, because brands have taken to finally cutting its suits slimmer. Gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all apparel or baggy/boxy silhouettes. With continued interest in fitness and the range of body types, many labels are realizing that suits that provide more appropriate fits encourage men to invest more in their suits. Secondly, the variety of fabric choices and yes even color allow men the confidence to explore their sartorial inclinations. Finally, the growing number of affordable made-to-measure lines makes it all the more appealing to upgrade their wardrobes. 

Streetwear, on the other hand, has become more important and appealing across a wider range of age groups. Witness the recent appointment of edgy streetwear designer Virgil Abloh as creative director at the venerable house of Louis Vuitton as perhaps the most obvious sign of what’s to come. Many fashion insiders agree that “sweatpants” have already evolved to a point of becoming the millennial’s version of the previous generation’s jeans. The modern iteration with broader choices of colors, textures and stylistic touches make them not just an acceptable but fashionable alternative to denim. And many streetwear fashions from T’s, hoodies and other informal pieces are equally popular among men from a range of creative careers. 

Then we also see a blending of both – which isn’t as strange as it initially seems. Many men are realizing they can reach a happy medium of looking dapper without seeming stuffy in well-coordinated combinations of a sophisticated suit jacket with less formal pieces or conversely dressier trousers with more casual tops and jackets. 

#5 Men’s Fashion Trends Here To Stay

Fashion Expert: Monique Loveless

About: Monique Loveless has been in the fashion industry since 2006 doing everything she could get her hands on from retail, visual merchandising, styling celebrities, and HNW individuals. She is now a personal wardrobe stylist, blogger, and host who loves talking everything fashion! | Twitter | Facebook



These are classic patterns that make bold but settle statements that you can mix and match. Since we see them with a lot of men’s suiting it’s a great way to express a look without having to say anything, which gives these patterns a long term run.

Colors – Dusty Rose, Orange, Camel 

These particular colors are always in but since we saw a lot of monochromatic on the runways this year I believe these colors have marked their stay. I think they are great colors to stand out and mix it up especially beyond the everyday black, blue and grey. It says confident and stylish.

Loose Trousers 

Move over skinny, loose trousers are coming through! Giving men a little more leg room again. Loose trousers come in so many forms and give men the option to stay on trend with multiple looks. Although the skinny has claimed the pant throne for menswear for awhile now there is an option now and having options are closets best friend so loose trousers are in it for the long haul.

Bold Patterns 

We all love a bold pattern but only few can pull it off. We saw them this year on the runway in major ways from pants to suits to shirts. By the way the Robert Cavalli’s are a must have. Anyways, bold patterns voice an opinion as soon as you walk in the door it’s a walking art piece and actually says a lot about the person wearing them.

Vertical Stripes 

Alexander McQueen and Acne Studios are just a few designers that showed off the vertical stripes during Menswear Fashion Week. Men have always had this option in suiting but now it’s not just suiting it’s pretty much in every form of garment and I am a firm believer we’ll continue to see it for awhile due to the fact that it creates body illusions and you can mix up the width. Not to mention it’s a staple and classic that has been a favorite of Coco Chanel’s since the 1920s.

Track Suits 

The track suit is back at it. They have elevated even more from seeing them on last years shows from Gucci, Givenchy and Yeezy. They continue on to slimmer fits and better fabrics. Making them a go to for streetwear and every man needs a little streetwear in their closet. I am definitely here for it. The rules are being broken with the return of track suit so track on.


Men wearing what we’ve seen on the runways for women and vice versa not everyone agrees if they know but done right and boom you have an amazing look. I really think it’s here to stay because no one wants to be put in a box when it comes to expressing themselves. What better way to have a bigger closet by sharing with your significant other.

#6 A New Staple Menswear Piece?

Fashion Expert: Carmine Mastropierro 

About: Carmine Mastropierro is the president of the men’s online fashion magazine, Pierro Shoes


The first fashion trend for the rest of 2018/19 I predict is overcoats remaining popular. They are quickly becoming a staple menswear piece since they're simple and versatile. Specifically, overcoats in a camel tan color will continue to trend. You can wear one with a hoodie, jeans, and sneakers or easily over formal attire. 

Secondly, I believe full sherpa jackets, hoodies, and other apparel will become more popular. It's soft, warm, and has a unique texture that stands out. Sherpa goes great with streetwear outfits which is also gaining a lot of attention. Lastly, I predict vintage clothing will hold its weight for the rest of 2018 and going into 2019. 

Vintage t-shirts and jackets are fun throwbacks that work easily into casual looks. 

#7 Satchels, Gucci And America

Fashion Expert: Joel Bear

About: Joel Bear is the creative director of Motif No.3, a design house that creates art inspired bags made in Downtown Los Angeles.


Men's Satchels & Slings.

What came from the fanny pack, has grown into a new style of bag.  Streetwear brands like Supreme, Off White and A Cold Wall pick it up immediately. The Sling or Satchel allows for the wearer to be hands-free as well as keep his/her valuables in front of them. We have anticipated this trend with our Jazz Sling and Artisan Satchels.

Art inspired pieces. 

With the rise of Gucci we have seen a huge serge of art appreciation amongst millennial and Gen-z’s  They are looking for pieces that pay homage not only to great design but to strong influences of art through, graphics, colors and illustrations.  With stores starting to be called “galleries and “installations retailer are picking up on this trend as well. We have met this trend by building each of our pieces to be inspired by the galleries and worn in the streets.  Our Jazz Collection was inspired by the free jazz music of the 1960’s and our wristlets inspired by the brutalistic architecture of the 1950’s.

Made in America. 

With the rising concern of H&M in the news, consumers are looking to know where their pieces are made and how their made. We are seeing a huge rise in the desirer for American made goods especially in Downtown Los Angeles. Millennial and Gen z’s because of the current political environment are voting with their dollars. We will see a rise of American designers in the fashion market being met with the desire of consumers to build a relationship with their brands.

#8 Other Cultures Around The World…

Fashion Expert: Kenny Flowers

About: Kenny is the founder of a men’s shirt/lifestyle brand called Kenny Flowers. Kenny quit his job in NYC in 2015, moved to Bali, and set out to make unique, high-quality tropical shirts for others to start having a great time in.

Kenny Flowers | Instagram | Twitter


There’s no denying that the short-sleeve button-down “aloha” look and floral prints, in general, are super in right now. While I don’t expect this to go anywhere over the next few years, I do expect this expressive style to expand and explore. It’s just where people are right now - it’s less about what you do at work, and more about what you do and who you are outside of the office.

Like I’ve started to do with Kenny Flowers, I think brands will explore more, focusing on other cultures around the world, where people are traveling or interested, and the outcome will be more unique designs and people wearing clothes that carry stories/meaning. You’ll continue to see the desire for uniqueness - it’s not about having the same mass-produced shirt everyone has.

Also, I can’t help but feel that fall/winter clothes are pretty flat right now and that there is an opportunity to provide great ways to let your personality show during the “colder” months. We’ve started getting into printed long-sleeves and continue to find ways to keep the fiesta going when the weather’s cool.

#9 The Big Trends

Fashion Expert: Noni Balian

About: Noni Balian has over a decade of experience in the fashion industry and is the managing director of InStitchu North America, the well-priced, custom, tailored menswear brand. Noni was InStitchu’s first employee in North America, spearheading their New York showroom opening and design.

She also oversaw all US recruiting efforts and created local marketing strategies to ensure InStitchu’s US expansion was a success. In addition to running the day-to-day of InStitchu’s North American operation, Noni is focused on big-picture initiatives and partnerships.

Prior to her current role, she was Operations Manager at InStitchu’s Sydney headquarters, where she helped to expand the brand’s showroom locations to 7 worldwide, including their flagship locations of Melbourne and Sydney. Noni also worked on the production side, collaborating closely with InStitchu’s Chinese manufacturing partners and managed a staff of 30 (which has since doubled in Australia.)

Noni graduated from Australia’s renowned Fashion Design Studio with an advanced degree in fashion and apparel. | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Think Pink

Call it the next wave of millennial pink, but the pink trend is not slowing down for 2018. Once a cause for concern for many men, the pink shirt is back in a big, bold way. How do you nail this tricky trend? Follow the triple P rule: Portion (make the pink shirt the standalone piece in your outfit); perfect fit (opt for a slim -fitted style that's not too lose or too tight); and palette (when in doubt, go light).

Not Your Dad's Double-Breasted Blazer

From red carpets to fashion editorials - the double-breasted blazer is back in a big way. Call it part of the larger throwback trend of 80s and 90s style, but today's double-breasted blazer has gotten a hip upgrade. We will see this trend in new fabrics (wool) and prints (think pinstripes) that can be thrown on with jeans and chinos for an instant outfit upgrade.

It’s In The (Personal) Details

In the past year, we have seen some of our favorite male celebrities go all in on individual style (remember Chadwick Boseman's epic Oscars suit?!) In 2018, that trend will continue to spread to today's male consumer who want to experiment with a riskier look, but may not be ready yet for a full bedazzled jacket. Start with small splashes of color in your accessories (a different colored pocket square, a pastel tie, or even bright cufflinks) with matching suit lining. Another trend is to choose a hero to center your look around, but try to stick to one — small dashes of color and a light unique touch are key; you should try to let one piece shine in the outfit.

Workwear Goes Casual

We will continue to see new approaches to 9-5 workwear, as the traditional suit enters 2018. This year, the trend will be mixing and matching formal and causal in way that can take you effortlessly from a business lunch to happy hour. The no-fail approach to nailing the new workwear trend? Invest in neutrals such ass your greys and your browns for blazers, chinos or sweaters and pair with crips, white sneakers.

#10 Relaxing The Silhouette

Fashion Expert: Patrick Kenger

About: Patrick runs an image consultancy designed exclusively for men. | Q&A With Pat On Twitter


This year and last year, we really saw the rise in looser, unstructured clothing. Men started getting away from more form-fitting clothing and into more flowing and billowy clothing that creates a relaxed silhouette. We're now in a time where anything goes.

There is no one fit. You can take anything from nearly any era and make it work. This gives a lot of freedom to men looking to experiment with their style. I suspect that long sleeves and longer jackets will be around for the rest of the year and probably into 2019 as well.

Right now there is also a trend in bulkier dad sneakers like the Balenciaga Triple S. In 2019, I think that men will move away from this, still keeping sneakers alive and well, but keeping them more tasteful with less bold coloring. Kim Jones has moved to Dior from his previous role at Louis Vuitton, so I would also look for some more creativity coming out of the house of Dior.

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