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Nordgreen, The Scandinavian Watch Company Taking The World By Storm (Product Review)

Nordgreen burst onto the watch scene, launching a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign in January 2018. Their, $200,000+ Kickstarter shot them well and truly to the top of the hugely popular and still developing, minimalist watch design niche, putting them in direct competition with the likes of Daniel Wellington.

Their brand is about more than just beautiful, aesthetically pleasing watches, they have a giving back program, where for each watch purchased they will donate to one of three causes: health (providing clean water), environment (protecting the rainforests), and education (educating the future).

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Friends would often say to us, why don’t you marry that damn watch of yours. We couldn’t do that. But we could make our own.

– Nordgreen

Norgreen is entire leaps and bounds ahead of their competition when it comes to quality, customer satisfaction, and aesthetics. This isn’t because they have hiked the price of their watches up to near unaffordability, it is because they are more than just a company, they are a highly motivated and passionate team (and because they have Jakob Wagner on board).

Jakob Wagner

Who is he? Jakob Wagner is a well established Danish designer with a background designing products for Bang & Olufsen and other major Scandinavian brands. His work extends beyond just pure beauty, he has even designed a firefighter breathing apparatus that was featured in MoMA.

What does he do? Jakob creates beautiful, simplistic and user-friendly designs that please users without compromising functionality.


Complete and comprehensive review of the ‘Philosopher – Gun Metal | Mesh | 36mm‘ watch from Nordgreen.


Quality matters, whether it’s food, clothing or watches, you don’t want to be skipping on it. The ‘Philosopher – Gun Metal | Mesh | 36mm’ watch from Nordgreen is nothing but exceptional when it comes to quality. The mesh strapping is light, but durable (we sure tested it), the finish on the face is flawelss and the dials easy to use.

For a watch priced at around £170 it sure blows the compeition out of the water on quality.


Movement: The movement is flawless and reliable, it sports a Japanese Quartz 2 handed movement. The battery life is surprisingly long and it tends not to gain more than 5 seconds a month, which for the average non-nuclear engineer, is negligible.

Face: The face is minimalist and clean. It has the Nordgreen logo on the face, which is not something I am personally a fan of, but Nordgreen manages to do it in a way that is not ‘in your face.’ There are no errors in the application of the hours or minute marks, and the watch has clearly been created with love. The finish is clean, stylish and very minimalist.


The metal strap on the Philosopher – Gun Metal | Mesh | 36mm, is one of the best-made straps I have ever seen. It is durable, well put together and the clasp works perfectly. It is easy to adjust to any sized wrist making it the ideal unisex watch strap.


Complete and comprehensive review of the ‘Infinity – Rose Gold | Black Leather | 40mm‘ watch from Nordgreen.


If you’re looking for a watch that is slightly bigger, then the ‘Infinity – Rose Gold | Black Leather | 40mm,’ is a perfect watch for you. It’s a little bigger than the ‘Philosopher – Gun Metal | Mesh | 36mm,’ and so makes for a more striking accessory. As far as quality goes, it’s exceptional. Nothing from Nordgreen that we have reviewed is anything but flawlessly designed.

The larger rose gold face gives it a more classical aura without seeming stuffy or old-fashioned. It works perfectly with a gray or black suit, providing a bit of contrast.


Movement: The movement is smooth and methodical (obviously). The bigger face and long arms on the ‘Infinity – Rose Gold | Black Leather | 40mm,’ make it a lot more elegant looking.

Face: I personally prefer the larger face of the ‘Infinity – Rose Gold | Black Leather | 40mm,’ to the ‘Philosopher – Gun Metal | Mesh | 36mm,’ just because it’s a lot easier to read at a glance. This being said, the ‘Infinity – Rose Gold | Black Leather | 40mm,’ does not have a date, but to me, that’s a small sacrifice for the cleaner, larger face.


It’s always refreshing to get back to classics as far as watch straps go. No flashy buckles, just black leather. The watch straps are impeccably designed and match the watch itself well.


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