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Keep Your Children Safe Online With These 7 Useful Tips

The online world is amazing for adults and children alike. Children can play, learn, connect and create. This opens up an entire world of information that is very accessible. However, the internet has a dark side. These are 7 simple and easy tips to keep your children safe online.

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#1 Ensure passwords are strong and can't be easily guessed

A longer password is actually stronger than using one that has a lot of characters and numbers. For example, it's actually better to have a password like goosegerbilcoffeeiphonepluto than “Sc#3m@t1c.

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#2 Educate your kids

Talk to them about not giving out personal information, not sharing payment details, and maintaining an open dialogue so they talk to you if they stumble on something fishy. There's a lot of potential for that on the World Wide Web!

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#7 Talk to them

If you notice that they are not demonstrating safe online behavior, discuss your concerns with them. Don't yell or threaten to take away their social media. Just ask them why their behavior might be unsafe. Talk with them about the consequences of posting too much information. Problem solve with them ways that they can share information with friends without putting themselves at risk.

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