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Get Accepted: 17 Tips For Pitching Guest Posts

Getting your guest posts accepted onto blogs and media outlets is no easy task. If it was easy, then you would see top blogs full of substandard guest posts.

In the spirit of this post, Fupping accepts guest posts, so if you are interested in contributing, head on over to our guest post guidelines and submit a pitch.

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#1 Follow and Interact with the Outlet on Social Media

Build relationships with potential guest posting sites by interacting on social media. This also helps you be aware of their latest content, topics they need to be covered, and more. In addition, interacting on social media can help your name be recognized in an inbox crowded with generic pitches.

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#2 No pitching in the dark, know your audience

It's important that you become familiar with and can prove that you know the outlet you are pitching as well as their audience.

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#5 Be clear and concise

Pitch a specific idea as opposed to doing a general spiel. You need to do the heavy lifting here since most media outlets get thousands of inquiries. Follow prior tips and be clear in your approach so that the follow-up and next steps are clear to the person you are pitching.

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#6 Address the Editor By Name

Do a little digging to find the name (and ideally, the direct email) of the editor or coordinator for guest posts on the site you are pitching. About or staff pages are good places to start, but you can also read through recent posts and author bios to find the major players on a given site.

Personalizing the email greeting is far more attention-grabbing than a generic salutation and demonstrates the time and care that went into researching a site and crafting a pitch. If finding a name proves impossible, starting with Dear [Name of Outlet] team is far more compelling than an email that begins Dear Editor.

Contributor: Sophia Conti from

#7 Comment on a Recent Post

Demonstrate your familiarity and dedication to the site by including a comment or observation on a recent post. This can be as simple as I really enjoyed your recent piece on X, but ideally, it will be more thorough and refer to specific details from the article.

Reading through recent posts is also good practice in guest posting, as it builds familiarity with the style and tone of the site so you can ensure your post will fit their needs.

Contributor: Sophia Conti from

#9 Include keyword research

I get dozens of guest posts requests a week. To stand out from the crowd, I love pitches that include keyword research for a term that their guest post is going to be optimized for. 

When pitching guest posts, checking out the other website's content is important. G2 Crowd is a B2B focused business blog, so when I get a guest post pitch on something that our readers wouldn't connect with, it's kind of insulting and usually ends the email thread.

Contributor: Levi Olmstead from

#10 Build A Relationship First

One of the biggest mistakes people make is they send out cold emails asking if they can guest post on a blog. Most of the time those emails are sent out by software and the person hasn't ever even looked at the blog they are emailing about. 

If you want to be able to guest post on any blog with a real audience, you need to first spend time at that blog reading the posts and seeing what type of content they are looking for. Then you should leave some meaningful comments on a few of the posts you really like so the blog owner or editor starts to recognize your name. 

Then reach out to the blog owner and thank them for their awesome posts and even ask them a question that is related to the guest post you want to write and that shows you have some knowledge of the topic they cover. Then when they have responded to your email, you can at that point pitch them the guest post idea. 

You'll have way more success pitching this way and you will create some great relationships.

Contributor: Adam White from

#11 Make a powerful pitch

Start off with a short meaningful pitch that immediately addresses the challenges that your expert advice can solve for readers. Hit the audiences pain points with a question. Work in a brief description of why you're an expert - years of experience, book, etc..

Contributor: Jennifer Fortney from

#12 Present several options

Make a bullet point list of the type of posts that you can offer - either one post, a 10-part series, a Q&A with readers or social media followers or an expert to fill in their editorial needs. Even though you may need to find different ways to customize it for each site, pick one heavy hitter topic like The #1 tip for XYZ for your business. Something that all outlets will be interested in.

Contributor: Jennifer Fortney from

#14 Show Your Personality

People you pitch to don't really know it yet, but they want to see your personality shine in your pitch as much as in your articles. There's nothing worse than a dead pitch from a robotic voice I like your blog. I would like to write a guest post for your blog. I am a good writer. It's ok to get to know the people you're talking to (it's not all business). Remember, your ability to connect with those you are pitching to is a good indicator of your ability to connect to any audience.

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