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Get A Good Nights Sleep: 20 Simple Tips And Tricks For Better Sleep

Sleeping directly influences your overall wellbeing. It can have an impact on your physical and mental health during your waking hours. It is so influential that we can easily tell when someone has not slept well.

Despite the huge influence it has on us, many of us still struggle with sleeping. I know I certainly do. Here are some simple and easy to put into practice tips and tricks for getting a better nights sleep.

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#1 Avoid caffeine later in the day

Caffeine has a long half-life, approximately 6-8 hours, which can have a drastic effect on sleep if you are someone who drinks caffeine later in the day. Finish your caffeine at least 6 hours before bed, but the longer that time frame is the better off you will be.

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    #2 Exercise, especially earlier in the day

    This will help balance hormones and set you up to sleep well at the end of the night. If you exercise later in the day, keep the exercise lighter in intensity so you can still wind down and fall asleep when the time comes.

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      #6 Trick your mind into relaxation right before sleep

      Lay down. Look at the ceiling for twenty seconds. You will notice that your eyelids are getting heavy. Close your eyes. Take a couple of slow deep breaths. Now breathe in and focus on the pause for a second before breathing out. Breathe out. Again, focus on the pause for a second before breathing in. Repeat for ten breaths.

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      #8 Get the best pillow you can afford

      My personal preference is a really nice, medium density down pillow or down imitation pillow. This allows you to “custom“ mold the pillow around your face. You want a pillow that supports your neck and shoulder, but keeps your face free so you can breathe! Pre-molded memory foam pillows don’t always conform to YOUR face and body.

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      #9 If your legs cramp or your feet hurt at night, try keeping them warm with a small-sized electric blanket

      Most of us like a little coolness in our sheets, so using a full-sized electric blanket might not work. Just get a smaller-sized one so that you can just warm up the bottom of your bed. Turn it on before you actually go to sleep, so it’s ready for you when you climb into bed.

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      #16 Consider using an eye mask

      Block out all the extraneous light that comes in through your partially opened eyes (yard lights, street lights, neighbor’s security lights, cell phone charger lights, telephone battery lights, fire alarm battery signal, etc.). I specifically recommend Bucky’s eye mask, because if it’s unique padding around the eye which holds it off your eyelids.

      Contributor: Barbara Bergin, MDa from

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      1. Very well-written article about sleep. All the above sleeping tips are really helpful. Maintain a daily sleeping routine is also important for a deep night sleep. Thank you very much for sharing this valuable advice about sleep. I like it and appreciate it.

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