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Inspiration: 13 Unique And Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Friends

Buying gifts for your friends is never an easy task. Here are 13 suggestions of gifts that would put a smile on any friends face. From luxury car hire to fragrances, if you cannot find something you love on this list, you’re probably a sociopath.

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#1 FlexWheels

Why get your friends just one item when you can gift them with an ENTIRE MONTH of access to luxury vehicles? FlexWheels is a vehicle service that recently launched in South Florida, but is looking to expand to other U.S. markets soon!

The first of its kind, FlexWheels is the only service in the U.S. that allows users to change their car multiple times a month based on their current needs and lifestyle. Hypothetically, you could drive a new Maserati Quattraporte for the work week, and just 48 hours later, switch it out for a new Land Rover Sport for a weekend trip. This is a completely B2B, B2C service. The vehicle subscription service offers a new alternative to owning or leasing a car, with an easy to use app and personalized concierge that provide a seamless switch after each use. There are multiple price points and plans available, and insurance, maintenance etc. is all included.

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#2 Inspirational Gift Bottle Stopper

Pair it with a nice bottle of wine and you have a perfect gift for a girls night!

Bonus: The company that makes these donates 10% of the profits to the American Cancer Society.

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#3 Ayer Comfort Active Cooling Pillow

It is safe to say that pretty much everyone uses a pillow, each one of your friends happens to sleep at night and when they do they are most likely sleeping on a pillow. This is why it is the perfect gift it gives them something that actively promotes a comfortable night sleep and they can use every day. 

Ayer Comforts Active cooling pillow features an advanced gel blend that is cold to the touch and dissipates heat across 100% of the surface area of the pillow. With pin core ventilation that keeps air circulating to further prevent the buildup of heat and moisture. It is the perfect combination of comfort and coolness that your friends can’t live without. 

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#4 Maker’s 46 Bourbon

Bourbon makes for a great gift because it's best enjoyed with others. The key to finding the right one to share with friends is picking something that feels familiar to their palates but is different and exciting enough that you're introducing them to something new.

Enter Maker's 46, a more complex interpretation of the iconic red wax dipped Maker's Mark bourbon that your friends have always loved, created by aging Maker's for an additional 9 weeks in a different barrel with French Oak. It's still Maker's Mark, but a deeper, richer, and spicier take on a classic.

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#5 The Big Bad Breakfast Cookbook

Friends like to brunch, it's as good as fact. So why not set your pals up to do a little homemade brunching? One of the South's most celebrated James Beard award-winning chefs, John Currence, has a gift in store for real deal foodies with his second cookbook: Big Bad Breakfast.

Not only is he sharing recipes of some of his most cherished, morning dishes, he also has comical anecdotes to back an appreciation for the most important meal of the day. A gift for your friend for the delicious, hearty meal ideas, and a gift for you since your recipient will be slinging up delicious egg dishes and morning cocktails.

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#6 Hope Fragrance

Hope Fragrance is a magnificent fusion of the most aromatic white flowers - including lily of the valley, jasmine, gardenia and tuberose - the most pure and delicate essences that lift the senses. A garden green note adds a lively layer of crisp freshness.

Bonus: 100% of the net profit goes directly to research into depression at Hope for Depression Research Foundation.

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#7 TOSSWARE’s Stemmed Flute Jr.

These flutes come with stems that are completely detachable giving you the freedom to personalize each stem to your own preferences. Better still, each flute shines like crystal and is 100% recyclable.

They are the perfect gift for your friends that love champagne but hate doing the dishes. Thanks to their disposable nature, your friends can enjoy an upscale glass of champagne and simply toss their used flutes into the recycle bin when they are done.

Of course, if they become attached to their new favorite champagne flutes, these flutes can be hand washed and reused time after time while still maintaining their durable strength and lustrous shine.

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#8 AcousticSheep SleepPhones Wireless

One of the best gifts to give is a friend is the gift of sleep. A great way to do this for a friend who travels a lot, especially in the summertime, could be the SleepPhones Wireless Headphones.

These headphones offer a great way for a traveling sleeper to drown out background noise and fall asleep comfortably no matter where they are.

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#9 Knock Knock Self-Therapy Note Pad

If you have the kind of relationship with your friend that they would find this funny, it’s a great “Thank you for being in my life now help yourself” gift. It’s a nice surprise when your friend is going through a rough patch because it brings levity to the situation. It’s not the kind of thing they would probably buy for themselves, so be the hero who does!

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#12 Field by Helen Kontouris

Although perhaps a large amount for a friend to friend gift as a shared gift from a group of friends you are providing your friend a stylish piece with longevity. A meaningful gift which counteracts the throw-away / fast-fashion society we have fallen into.

And, it might be a gift with benefits - if you’re lucky enough your mate will indulge you in return by creating a feast and inviting you all around to enjoy it.

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