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11 Unique Gift Suggestions For Grandfathers

Finding the perfect gift for your grandfather can present quite the challenge. Getting them something they haven’t already got and will actually value and use in their life can seem daunting. Luckily for you, we have gathered together 11 unique and useful gifts for grandfathers.

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#1 Handy Camel

This is a handy big clip that reseals and allows you to carry large 40 lb bags with ease. Perfect for Grandfathers who garden, do lawn care, feed wild birds etc. They're made in the USA which makes the oldies happy as well. Check them out, you can get them a two pack on Amazon for $21 or a single for $11.

Contributors: Amy Gray from Handy Camel

#2 Oska Pulse

How about giving the gift of health with Oska Pulse, health tech wearable: a revolutionary pain relief device, portable, non-drug option to combat pain--great for men and women of all ages. Why not give the gift of a pain-free life?

Oska Pulse Fits in pockets or backpacks and is great for people who have minor aches and pains (back, knee, muscle, joint) to chronic pain (fibro) looking to find relief.

Contributors: Robin Carr from Oska, Inc. DBA Oska Wellness

#3 GoFish Cam

GoFish Cam is a HD wireless fishing camera that sits on your fishing line, without disrupting your fishing tackle, and works with a mobile app so that you can see what's happening underwater while fishing!

A great gift for the grandfather who loves fishing.

Contributors: Brandon Austin from GoFish Cam Inc

#5 Story Glory

Storyglory is a great way for a grandfather to share stories via audio/video and have them stored for future generations to hear/listen to. In addition, Storyglory can turn those audio stories into beautiful hardcover books for future generations to have on their coffee table for years to come.

Contributors: Chris Powell from Chris Powell PR

#6 SensaCalm

As we age, sleep often becomes more elusive. Research shows that the elderly tend to experience less REM sleep, which can leave them feeling fatigued during the day. Fortunately, a weighted blanket may be able to help seniors get the restorative sleep they need to feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

Weighted blankets have been proven to help the elderly in these 6 ways:

  • Help Reduce Stress
  • Ease Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Help Reduce Anxiety
  • Improve Sleep Quality
  • Help Fight Depression
  • Help Manage the Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

Contributors: Jason Myers from The Content Factory

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