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12 Unique Gift Suggestions For Teenaged Girls

Coming up with interesting and unique gifts for teenaged girls (that they will actually use) is a challenge in itself. Luckily for you, we have 12 unique and thoughtful gift suggestions that any teenaged girl would be delighted to receive.

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#1 Classic Blue Ikat Scarf

This scarf can be worn in so many different settings. This scarf is not only a beautiful print and ethically made, but also it folds up nice and compact so you can easily bring it on-the-go! Wrap it up for school or a nice dinner with friends.

Contributors: Consultant for Passion Lilie

#2 Gunther’s Tinted Dry Shampoo

From the company: We've got a boatload of all natural beauty products that would be great for a teenage girl. Our best option at the moment would be our Dry Shampoo. This is really popular with older teens and college students. It keeps hair looking clean and fresh while locking in moisture. This allows an extra day between washes. No aerosols and all natural ingredients.

Contributors: Erich Gunther Arvidson from Gunther's All Natural

#3 Cobra Electronics Jump Starter/Power Pack

From the company: The Cobra Electronics Jump Starter/Power Pack: As a woman myself, there is nothing more frightening than when your car battery dies on the side of the road, or in a garage at night. Not only are you stranded, but you are at the mercy of any passerby. To have a portable jump starter that I can just throw in the back of my trunk is convenient and safe. I’d never go anywhere without it.

Contributors: Taylor Covington from The Zebra

#5 A Different Pigeon Tees

A dynamic streetwear label launched by the nonprofit New Avenues for Youth. Based in Portland, dfrnt pigeon is the result of a social enterprise that provides at-risk youth with a professional design mentorship from volunteers across the creative industry. They go from being kids who wear the brands they didn’t ask for, to conception, creating, designing and launching a line of clothing that directly challenges the negative perceptions of youth homelessness.

Contributors: Katie Wagner from Remark Media

#6 Ann Peden Jewelry

Ann Peden Jewelry makes hand-stamped quote cuff bracelets in non-tarnish aluminum! Being able to wear on your wrist the perfect wording that inspires, encourages or challenges you is such a boost. Glance at your wrist and get a burst of courage or hope or determination!

From the company: We make over 50 different quotes or you can choose your own quote. We have stamped funny, mysterious and touching quotes that reach right to the heart of the wearer. Personalization is a huge trend, and has been for years, but personalization that only goes as far as a 3 letter monogram or initial really doesn't touch the meaning that is attached to jewelry when you are able to wear your own quote.

Contributors: Ann Peden from Ann Peden Jewelry

#7 ZIRUI GO Case

ZIRUI GO Case is a modular travel toiletry case that's sleek, secure and simple.

From the company: We try to solve the pains of traveling with liquid care products in a beautiful and artistic way.

No one wants to carry their essential liquids in ugly cheap plastic refill bottles or have their liquids spilling over their belongs when they travel. With ZIRUI GO, they don't have to worry about bringing their liquid products and spilling them or losing them, everything is TSA approved and sleek and stylish! This would be a great gift for any friends that love to travel or simply want an easier way to carry all of their essential beauty products on the go!

Contributors: Regina from ZIRUI

#8 Build Your Own Charm Necklace

She will love showing off her individuality with this necklace, which is perfect for everyday wear! Create a necklace just for her with your choice of either a 16 or 18 inch silver plated chain, the initial charm of your choice, and whimsy charms in an array of fun designs: Balloon, Bird, Dragonfly, Ice Cream Cone, Ladybug, Palm Tree, Sea Horse, Snowflake, Sun, and Tiara.

They can be personalized with initials and more, allowing for personal expression of her interests and personality and celebrating who she is as an individual!

Contributors: Claudia Montez from Isabelle Grace Jewelry

#11 JOY & IMAN Tassel Chic Leather Backpack

Back-to-school chic. Been awhile (ahem) since you've seen the inside of a classroom, college hall or library? Don't worry, you don't have to be a student to appreciate the practical functionality of this academic staple. Revamped with a leather exterior and smart RFID-protected interior pocket, this classic backpack design is a must-have for any teenager-on-the-go.

Contributors: Alexis Sylvester from Creative Media Marketing

#12 Christie Brinkley Authentic Beauty GlowTo Collection Kit

The exclusive limited edition GlowTo Collection Kit is inspired by Christie Brinkley’s love of a golden, warm, healthy beach glow, the kit includes products from her new cosmetics that will help you achieve just that:

  • In A Blink Instant Volumizing Mascara
  • Prime Time Day to Night Nudes Eye Shadow Palette (Golden Nudes)
  • Sun-Kissed Bliss Sheer Powder Bronzer
  • Strobe Show Natural Glow Stick Highlighter (Champagne Glow)

Contributors: Alexis Sylvester from Creative Media Marketing

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