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The Best Of Bespoke, A Start-Up And Custom Leather Jackets To Die For

While many people dream of having walk-in closets, some a heavy-duty motorcycle still others that one leather jacket that personifies their identity. Or possibly having as many leather jackets as possible. The Jacket Maker is one such place where everything is possible and there is no such thing as ‘over the top’. From minimalist styles to the most outlandish design requests, The Jacket Maker is home to leather jacket enthusiasts who truly appreciate leather jacket culture, quality, art and craftsmanship.

If Syed Obaid (Founder and CEO of The Jacket Maker) were to be asked about the beginnings of The Jacket Maker, he’d say, “The Jacket Maker was initially a traditional e-commerce store with a small section dedicated to custom orders. The more frequently we entertained custom requests, the more we began realizing the value for money we were offering. We would never have experienced this with selling regular leather jackets.”

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#1 Understanding Bespoke at The Jacket Maker

The bespoke service at The Jacket Maker was fueled by three problems that required solutions that The Jacket Maker offers to all its customers. These are Accessibility, Convenience and Perfection. You can get literally any type of jacket made at The Jacket Maker. Opting for any material, style, colour and detail. You can even go for print, monograms or any kind of artwork that reflects your personal style and complements your personality. The design consultants at The Jacket Maker ensure all customers are given state-of-the-art assistance, care and provide advice and suggestions on selecting an ideal jacket that’s best for you. The reason why customers receive this attention and incredible experience is due to the words of Syed Obaid who says “We believe you should never settle for anything almost perfect”. So in staying true to this credo all customers receive the best of bespoke money can buy and don’t take my word for it, their impressive customer wall is enough evidence to prove this fact. 

So far, Obaid says, “The Jacket Maker has tackled more than 20,000 custom project requests and has served over 10,000 customers in 50 countries.” Even though all this sounds impressive for a startup, the company is not dreaming of growing too big, even though the technology used here enables bespoke tailoring of leather jackets to be really accessible for all. A big plus point for the brand. On the other hand and what is really striking, is that Obaid and his team strive to be people’s ‘favourite’ leather jacket brand rather than the ‘biggest’ leather jacket brand which is truly really commendable. 

#2 A Startup that Keeps it REAL

One of the questions that gets asked a lot by people is whether the leather used is real. Which it is confirms Obaid. Sourcing the leather from a supplier in Pakistan who has been in the business for 50 years ensures the leather used for all jackets are strictly top-notch. This is definitely true as this element sure caught the attention of a certain someone who ordered custom leather jackets for the cast of The Challenge, a reality show produced by MTV. This led to a publicity boost for The Jacket Maker that is much needed for any startup, given that marketing a startup isn’t always a breeze. 

#3 What People have to Say…

It’s one thing talking about a startup that is creatively changing fashion retail through a modern approach to bespoke. Fusing it with technology while maintaining the true essence of this years-old art-form. Yet it means a lot more to hear people’s feedback, opinions on everything from the customer experience they received at The Jacket Maker to the end product that they received right down to the evaluation of the product on quality, craftsmanship, material and finish. So here’s what a few customers have to say. Loads more can be found on their website: 

#4 James Wilson

I ordered a huntsman coat with made to measure details for my son who is tall and slim. The item came in a Few weeks, only a couple of days after being informed via email that it had been dispatched. The quality and fit of the item are superb, it fits exactly as hoped (we added a little bit to the measurements as it is lined and to allow for a range of clothing to be worn underneath)! The coat design is detailed and the materials are of a great quality. My son is over the moon with an item that he will have years of wear out of. Cannot recommend more highly.

#5 Micah Henley

I was finally able to wear my jacket to a convention during the weekend. It exceeded all my expectations. Awesome quality product. In Nashville during spring it can get insanely hot and the biggest concern was the heat and wearing a full leather coat in a crowd but it was never an issue. Customer service was amazing. They worked with me through some issues that kept coming up during hard times and I'll forever be grateful for it. This team delivered in ways that you would think were never found in any customer service job. I look forward to many more convention appearances and a long life with my product.

#6 Sofia

As others have stated, I was skeptical. I found a custom jacket company charging $800 for a custom leather jacket. Then I found the jacket maker offering the same exact custom jacket for $300. Since they take PayPal I figured I had nothing to lose by trying it. A month later, the jacket arrived at my door and fit perfectly and was exactly as promised. Shown from customer service replied to all my questions promptly throughout the entire process. Highly recommend!!

#7 Tyler Malad

I had the pleasure of obtaining the Sven Black Leather Bomber Jacket, and was greatly impressed with both the jacket's pristine quality and The Jacket Maker's smooth bespoke process. Their jackets are finely crafted, and their customer service is at its finest. Whether you are seeking to invest into a new jacket of exceptional quality, or any other leather outerwear, The Jacket Maker absolutely provides. From their thorough customization process to their impeccable jacket quality, The Jacket Maker lives up to their motto that "you should never settle for anything almost perfect."

#8 Gabriel Lincoln

Purchased this jacket recently and asked for additional zips on the front pockets. They were happy to accommodate me. The jacket was sent swiftly, however the jacket came without the zips on the front pockets. With little hassle I sent it back asked for a size up as well as and the additional zips as previously agreed which they were very happy to sort out for me no problems and size up with no additional charge. Don’t worry about the quality because it’s an excellent exquisite very well-crafted product. This jacket is stylish and a very good buy.

#9 How it Works…

Those interested in making a custom order request do so through a web form and are connected to a design consultant within 24 hours of sending a request. The consultation is totally free and the customer can cancel the order should anything seem amiss before the order is confirmed. Once the consultation is complete a mockup of the order is sent to the customer for approval and production on the order begins. Once the order is ready, another image of the final product is sent to the customer for approval which then leads to the order being dispatched and delivered.

#10 Inviting you to have a Go

Surely, with all that has been shared above supporting the fact that The Jacket Maker is THE place to get your custom leather jackets or any outerwear you’d like made and delivered to you. With the many customers who’ve shared their experiences, feedback and even recommended the brand to others is enough inspiration to invite you to have a go and try the customized customer experience for yourself. After all, and to quote Syed Obaid, “There is something amazing about wearing a jacket that is made especially for you and JUST for you.” And if you can have a big say on what that actually is, is all the more special, wouldn’t you agree? 

#11 A shout-out

Julia Offenberger, Tyler Malad, MPSociety, Julian Martel, Leo Photography, Espada Yassinee, Jonathan Kroll, Mario Monforte, The Svlimdvoui, Aiden Lui, Michael Adams and Liam Walker. Thanks guys!

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