The Most Popular Clothing Styles of All-Time

We’ve compiled every popular clothing style you need to know about. Check out these trending fashion styles before your next shopping excursion.

Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash
Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

8 Trending Fashion Styles for Every Individual

When it comes to fashion, the one thing that stays the same is that it’s always changing. For ages people have been using their clothes to look and feel their best. Since so many styles seem to change one day to the next, it can be hard to stay current. Ahead are a few popular clothing styles that have been widely accepted for years.


This is one of the most beloved style choices. The vintage look is a culmination of anything and everything we’ve seen from the ’20s to the ’70s. Stand the test of time by imitating previous eras with your clothing and accessories.


Popularized in the ’60s and ’70s, bohemian style is full of over-the-top patterns and textures inspired by hippies and “gypsies” alike. This look is free, flowy, and full of layering. Tie dye, geometric shapes, chains, and fringe are also telltale signs that you’re a Boho queen.


A well-tailored style that comes across as striking and smart. Bold (but not extravagant) colors make up a chic styled wardrobe. This style choice is fashionable, but it doesn’t necessarily include the latest trends.


This style embodies what it means to be an independent, creative thinker. The artsy wardrobe is made up of clothing that makes a statement. It’s an art-infused style that doesn’t follow traditional fashion norms, and typically includes handcrafted items.


This is where elegance meets comfort. As one of the most sought-out trending fashion styles, a casually dressed individual will never look too exotic or bold. Basic pieces and colors are favored as well as clean, straight lines and simple accessories. A casual aesthetic is a more modern and uncluttered take on fashion.


People who follow sophisticated trends believe their clothing is worth the trouble it takes to acquire it. Their clothing is pressed, never wrinkled, and follows a minimalist design.


Depending on the specific music it’s encapsulating, a rocker style is incredibly versatile. The main pillars of this trend are vintage t-shirts, ripped jeans, and leather. Loud prints and colors, accessories decked in metal studs, patches, and pins are other ways rocker fashionistas enhance their edgy, attitude-filled look.


Adopted by prep-school students, this style is all about mastering the art of looking like a luxurious geek. This stylish appearance is full of collared shirts, A-line skirts, and fancy blouses that are easy to mix and match. If it looks like someone on Gossip Girl would wear it, it’s preppy.

Whether you’re trying to fit in or stand out, there’s a trending fashion style for you. Clothing says a lot about an individual. We encourage you to wear your personality on your sleeve with any of these popular clothing styles.

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