Vying for Vacation – 5 Simple Ways to Save for Your Dream Holiday

You’re ready to tick off that destination from your bucket list. You’ve worked hard and can finally go away on a trip you’ve been fantasizing about since as long as you can remember. The setback is that even for those with a substantial income, vacations are expensive, making that dream vacation inaccessible for most of us without severely compromising our lifestyles. Everybody deserves a break, and you definitely don’t need to eat rice every night for a year to get there. Here’s how you can easily save to see the world:

1. Borrow Smarter: Ditch Interest Rates

If you’re stressed about not having enough cash to cover everything, tempting as it may be, don’t turn to your credit card. Their high interest rates can leave you in deeper debt down the track. If borrowing money to make ends meet before your trip is a necessity, look into small, fast cash loans with low interest. The terms on these loans can be more flexible than credit cards and don’t come with the staggering interest rates.

2. An Honest Budget Review

Many assume budget cutbacks will greatly affect their quality of life, but this is simply not true. Observe your spending patterns and be honest about what could be done cheaper and what isn’t giving you enough value to justify the costs. If your daily latte sets you up for work and brings you pleasure, you don’t have to give it up. The after-work drinks you buy out of habit, on the other hand, may be wiser to let go, or at least, limit.

3. Outsource Your Skills For Extra Cash

You don’t need a second employer to get some extra dollars in this gig economy. Consider what you can do that is helpful to others. Maybe you’re good at putting together furniture; are a great writer or proofreader; are quick at troubleshooting websites or own a reliable van. Then, check out some of the many gig marketplace apps to find people in need of the service.

4. Stop Eating Out

Sure, a burger and beer special sounds affordable in the moment but when it’s happening weekly or more often, those extra dollars at the end of the month contribute nothing positive to your health or future. Even if you’re eating healthier for your work lunch; meals at restaurants and cafes will always cost you significantly more than if you prepared them at home. Break the cycle; don’t buy from chains and cook at home for your health and vacation savings (save the splurging for when you’re away!).

5. Sell Your Junk

Most of us have some junk in our lives. If you have an item that you have not used in the past 6 months and haven’t got a scheduled use for it in the foreseeable future, make it useful by selling it. The old car rotting in your backyard; sell it for scrap to car wreckers. The designer dress you wore once to a wedding years ago; sell it to someone who will enjoy it this weekend. If you have a functional but dated furniture item you’ve been meaning to take to the tip – don’t! Sell it online, so you can get paid and get rid of the object!

Travelling without breaking the bank is neither a luxury nor a miracle. Follow these points of advice closely and soon, you will be making your dream holiday a reality!

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Written by Nathaniel Fried

Co-founder of Fupping. Busy churning out content and building an empire.

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