5 Entertaining Ways to Exercise

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash
Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Let’s face it, for a lot of us, exercising simply isn’t the most enjoyable thing to do. Staying motivated to an exercise routine can be hard, especially the first weeks when starting initially. While running in your local area or joining the gym are common ways people get exercise today, there are other options for getting fitter, and many of them can be far more entertaining. 

Here are five activities to consider that you may find more entertaining than endlessly running on that gym treadmill. 

1. Try the Zumba Craze

Most people have heard about Zumba, especially in the last decade where it exploded as a popular fitness activity. While it’s not the first group exercise activity, it’s very easy to work up a sweat and not even know you are doing it.

Zumba is a Latin-based dance form combined with aerobic fitness, originating from Columbia back in the early 90s. For the right person, it can be highly entertaining, mostly thanks to the music that really gets you moving to the beat.

What also makes Zumba a real alternative to other group style workouts is its efficiency in burning calories and fat. It has been reported that you can burn up to 370 calories in 40 minutes with a Zumba routine, due to its usage of high-intensity interval training. Regularly, Zumba music will switch between fast music and slower music beats, influencing the severity of your workout which is extremely effective at burning fat.  While not as rigorous as something like CrossFit, you’re certainly more likely to have more fun exercising when engaging in Zumba.

2. Buy a Trampoline

You probably have memories of playing on a trampoline when you were younger, but did you know you can get a serious workout by simply bouncing around on one? Well you can, and it definitely is one of the more entertaining ways to exercise that is both easy and efficient. 

Trampolines can really be used as an exercise tool. In fact, The American Council on Exercise reported that a 20 minute workout on a trampoline burns as many calories as running 10km/h for the same period of time.

Not only is jumping on a trampoline more appealing than treadmill run, but it’s better for your joints, resulting in less impact on your knees, feet, hips and spine. And while you can certainly use a mini rebound trampoline for exercise purposes, why not really maximize the fun by getting a larger outdoor trampoline you can really bounce all around on. These trampolines for sale online also are the perfect kids Birthday or Xmas present, that you can sneak onto for workout purposes.

3. Indoor Rock Climbing

If you are looking to combine fun with a bit of an adrenaline rush, indoor rock climbing is a great full body workout. One of the best things about rock climbing is trying to set new personal records, each time getting little bit higher than the last, with many finding this a stronger motivational goal then simply ‘getting fitter’.

Rock climbing also replaces the common repetitive motions usually associated with exercise, because each climb is unique in movement and positioning. This is not only better in activating your muscles, but helps keep you stimulated over something like a routine gym session.

One of the other major benefits associated with rock climbing is improved flexibility. Climbing requires stretching in attempts to reach higher hand and foot holds, usually placed in difficult to reach areas. This requires a full range of body motions that natural helps grow your flexibility overtime, alongside muscle stamina and agility. 

4. Try an Obstacle Course

You have likely seen the contest shows that pit competitors through obstacle courses, with the winner having the fastest completion times. Have you ever wondered how you would fare in the same scenario? Well today, there are plenty of places or events that offer an obstacle course experience.

With these shows increasing in popularity, many physical locations now offer obstacles to challenge yourself on. Searching online, you may be surprised on just how many businesses around the world are now providing this experience. Events are also becoming more frequent, with some running multiple times a year, or even recurring as much as once per a month.

These courses are seriously fun, require a full range of exercise to complete successfully and are certainly a workout. Looking forward, and preparing for these exciting events can be a strong incentive to get into fitness in general, a motivator that may of lacked before.

5. Hiking Photo Shoot

This one may sound a little strange, but certainly provides entertainment while getting you outdoors. First, find a scenic hiking or nature trail that is far away from the hustle and bustle of where you live and go there with a camera (or camera phone).

Your aim is to complete the hike or trail, while simultaneously taking photos of your surroundings that are believe are interesting or beautiful (some good tips on this can be found here). Better yet, take a friend with you, and have a competition on who can take the best picture during the trip.

Just think about how many pictures you could post to your social media profiles by acting as an amateur nature photographer. Plan trips that take a few hours to complete, as you are more likely to get an sustained exercising benefit. And because it is slower paced, it’s a great starting point for those who know they need to get off the couch and get some sunlight.

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