6 Food Packaging Design Ideas For Your Startup

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash
Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

Packaging plays an important role in your product sales and differentiates your product from other products that are similar to yours in the market. Your package design should be consistent with your brand identity. Everything including the color, size, and materials used in your packaging has to be related to your brand’s identity. There are different types of packaging, such as Blister packaging that you can use for your products. If you are starting a business, and are designing the packaging of your product, here are some food packaging design ideas for you.


If you are starting a honey business, you can create your honey packages that are made of beeswax. You will be focusing on 100% authentic beeswax so you can produce sustainable packaging that users can then burn like a candle. This packaging will be aesthetically pleasing and will target environmentally conscious customers who prefer the quality of the product.


We all love eating chips, and one thing that annoys everyone the most is when we have to eat them from a narrow box. How great would it be when that box can just expand into your own personal bowl? Bloom Chips is a company that came with an interesting concept where their wrinkled packaging spreads out to create its own bowl. Pringles potato crisps are amazing, but once the chip level goes deep enough, it becomes a struggle to get those chips out. Your consumers no longer have to use their fingers to get out the chips stuck at the bottom of the cylinder when they can eat them all in a wide bowl.


Designer Neal Fletcher came up with an attractive and visually appealing spaghetti design. You can measure the spaghetti with many devices that are available in the market, but none of them come along with the packaging. Your customers don’t have to hunt the markets to measure your spaghetti anymore when they can just buy the spaghetti from you. This packaging design can contain spaghetti in 6 equal servings so there is no waste and you can keep them for future use.


Graphic designer Nendo came up with this packaging design for the Seibu department store in Japan. The chocolates might look like a collection of oil paints because they are distributed in tubes like packages. How cool would it feel to eat chocolate that is disguised as oil paints!

Lemon Juice

What better way to buy lemon juice than in a large lemon?! This mold was created by carving out the shape of the lemon and then embedding a fresh lemon peel to give it a more authentic and natural texture.


Make your milk package look like a UFO abducting a cow. A triangular shaped glass bottle, like the beam of light coming out of a UFO, with a floating cow painted on it, will surely capture every onlooker’s attention.

When the packaging is unique, it attracts the customer automatically, and s/he cannot help but buy it.

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