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Your Top Wardrobe Essentials

Are you having a hard time finding something stylish to wear? By looking to revamp your wardrobe, you could spice up your options. You probably have too many unnecessary items, making it hard for you to find a great outfit each time. By cataloging your wardrobe, you will be able to plan better and find better outfit combinations. Knowing your options will also come in handy when planning for future additions to your wardrobe.

D:\shruti\february\22 february\images\11.jpgYou may also consider using a few wardrobe essentials to spice up your look every time. Having options will help make each outfit unique. Even if you have limited wardrobe options, these essentials will make it easy to customize each look differently. Here are a few wardrobe essentials to help diversify your options.

A pair of hiking shoes

You need a sturdy but lightweight pair of shoes or two for your heavy duty tasks. This will help reduce the wear and tear on your other pairs, helping you save money on repairs. You no longer have to go to the gym in your loafers if you have a pair of comfortable and tough hiking shoes. The added level of comfort they provide makes them an essential wardrobe item.

A turtleneck shirt

D:\shruti\february\22 february\images\12.jpgYour turtleneck shirt will always keep you a cut above the rest. The retro style is functional, comfortable and warm. A black turtleneck could even serve for official purposes! A turtleneck shirt is a wardrobe essential because of its comfortable fit, unique design and compatibility with multiple looks.

A pair of cufflinks

Cufflinks make a suit look even classier. They are available in a number of designs and finishes, and can be made of different materials. A great pair of cufflinks will be an ideal accessory for any formal wear. You could even get a customized pair with your initials inscribed for a detailed and personalized look.

Indoor sandals

Floors can be cold at night, especially when finished with material such as tiles. Long term exposure to such floors could cause sensory problems. You could also develop bone complications by being consistently exposed to cold floors.

Indoor sandals are a great way to keep your feet protected from the cold. Having a couple of pairs of sandals in your wardrobe will help you take care of any visitors too. You can click here to find a great pair of indoors sandals.

Enough warm socks

D:\shruti\february\22 february\images\13.jpg

A warm pair of socks can make a world of difference when staying indoors. Socks offer comfort and improve your night in. You should keep a sufficient supply of these necessary but commonly ignored comfort items.

Fitting jeans

Fitting jeans can be worn for a variety of occasions. Whether you are planning a night out, or have no idea what to wear for your office weekend get together, fitting jeans can provide a comfortable and fashionable option.

These jeans will work well both with casual wear, such as polo shirts, and official wear. They can pair with boots, loafers, running shoes and many other variations. The compatibility and versatility makes the fitting jeans a necessary wardrobe item.


Sunglasses will keep your eyes shielded from any bright light and dust, as well as compliment your outfit. By choosing a pair with the right lens shape and color, you would be able to compliment your look. You could consider having a variety of options to spice up different selections in your wardrobe.

A decent hat

D:\shruti\february\22 february\images\14.jpg

With the summers getting hotter than ever, you will need to find a way to keep your skin protected from the potentially harmful UV rays. Wearing a hat could offer some helpful shade, and may spice up your style.

There are any options available, and you may well diversify your picks. A fedora for your official look, a baseball cap for your weekend and a panama hat for the night outs could spice up your style.


Shorts are functional and comfortable. They are just as great on a grueling hike as they are for use at home. Shorts can be worn with a baggy t-shirt indoors for high comfort levels. Shorts are essential for your wardrobe because they are highly comfortable and are ideal for use across different events and situations.

A beard comb

The beard remains a functional and great looking trend. It can blend in well with your casual style, and give you an edge in a suit. A beard can be styled to suit your personality and look, too. With a beard, you may even pull off accessories such as sunglasses and hats better.

To keep your beard looking fresh and stylish, you will need to maintain and care for it. A beard comb will come in handy as part of your wardrobe.

A mask

D:\shruti\february\22 february\images\15.jpg

Masks should be a big part of your life. They offer mystique and add a torch of class to any outfit. Even though they are limited to specific functions and nights out, masks can be great for use at home

Having trouble sleeping? Try sleeping in a mask! You could even host an indoors party with masks provided for guests for that much more fun.

Final word

An organized wardrobe will help you get the best out of each outfit. You could already have a stylish look without knowing it thanks to your cluttered space. However, even with all the jumbled up options, you can use the wardrobe essentials to spice up your look. You may also use accessories to redefine your style. The right ring, pendant, bracelet or buckle can make an ordinary outfit stand out. There are many DIY options that you could consider, which would offer friendly priced ways to make your look even better.

You could make use of illusion and perceptions shifts to improve your outfit. Color coding could help make you more likely to stand out. The right choice of colors, even though they may be unconventional may also make your outfit unique. Additional features such as glow in the dark and multiple pockets could make your outfit more unique and functional.

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