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8 Books That Should Be In Your Library If You Study Programming

Have you ever thought of becoming a programmer or developing your skills in that direction? Is it something you were searching for, but you do not know what kind of literature to read? We decided to make a list of the software development books that may help you to catch up on the classic theory, as well as on the latest trends in programming. If you find them interesting, try to get one and look through them, so it will be easier for you to stay in line with the knowledge in your sphere.

Clean Code from Uncle Bob

This book is called one of the classics ones in programming. This is a very deep and thorough work of Robert C. Martin and his colleges, who were thinking about the best practices in coding, especially when it comes to cleaning it. When reading this book, you will go through the dozens of codes to see what is wrong with the examples given and train yourself to understand and notice most common mistakes. Also, this fundamental handbook shares best practices of writing clean code and patterns. The last part is dedicated to the case studies, and tips gathered while writing.


Effective Java

One of the best Java books for the specialists of any level. Wrote by Joshua Bloch, Effective Java will capture your attention from the front page. This work shares the best knowledge about Java and API that you could not even imagine. Take into consideration that the author is famous for his Java collection courses and has much to tell you. This year edition is going to cover Java 9, considering the changes in Java 8 and 7.



Java Concurrency in Practice

This one refers to the old versions of Java developers books covering Java 5. Nevertheless, this work is essential for those who try to understand the practical approaches. Brian Goetz did tremendous job by creating this handbook for developers who deal with synchronization mistakes and threading deadlocks. Developing, testing and debugging multithreaded programs will become easier when you read it, even though the author makes some of the chapters quite complex there is still some space for the explanation. Java concurrency in practice will help you to create maintainable concurrent applications, giving you best techniques and tools possible.


Head First Design Patterns

Among the books for juniors, this one stands out to be essential when it comes to obtaining experience in OOP and design patterns.  This book is written similarly to an A+ paper written by top rated essay writing services – the text is very clear and very simple. It will teach you why Composition is better from Inheritance. It gives you a wide look on the best and flexible patterns that you can design in Java 8 and shares successful practices. What is more, this book will show you how to program in object-oriented fashion. Do not look at that it might be a little old – it is still good for use.


Spring in Action

This is what you need to read if you want to understand the Spring framework. Spring in action is one of the good classics that must be looked at. The new edition has Spring 5.0 updates and good examples on reactive programming. This will give you some insights on how to do complicated projects with minimum configuration code. Craig Wall`s clear manner will explain to you how to build secure data-based web app gradually. It also concerns topics like JDBC and gives an explanation where JDK could go wrong. This is very interesting stuff to get.


Make Your Own Neural Network

Creation of AI and neural networks is an actual trend in IT. Even though almost the entire practical part of the book is given in Python, it is based on mathematics and the theory of neural networks in general. Make Your Own Neural Network introduces readers to the concept of artificial intelligence through simple and understandable examples. After reading this book, even those who do not understand anything in programming will gain comprehensive knowledge of the neural network and how they are used in the modern world.



The Definitive Guide to Java Performance

This one is dedicated to the exploration of the JVM features the used to affect the performance in a traditional manner that had just-in-time compiler, garbage collection, language features, etc. You can learn how to use Garbage 1 designer and Java Flight recorder, as well as gaining the knowledge in tuning JVM. Written by Scott Oaks who has been working as an architect in Oracle, this book will not suit the beginners, and it is not easy to read. It covers a lot of complex topics, however, the author gives a good explanation regarding them.


The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide

John Sonmez is the author not only of this book but also of one of the most popular programming blogs. In general, the book is the collection of his articles in a readable format. Here you will find answers to almost all common questions:

  • How to find and fill gaps in your technical knowledge?
  • What is better: work on a contract or office life for a salary?
  • Which programming language to choose first?
  • Where to gain experience to meet the requirements of most vacancies?
  • Is there a need for higher education for the employment of programmers?

Sonmez finds the answer to almost any question that arises from a novice programmer. At the same time, it is difficult to call the book professional; there are practically no tips on code and tools.

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