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7 Unique New-Born Gift Ideas You Should Know

You have attended multiple Yabadoo kids parties in the past, but the upcoming one is very special to you. You are going to celebrate the arrival of a new-born in your friend’s place!

You want to gift the new-born with something that will be cherished by his parents, but considering that you don’t have any experience in this field, and the fact that there are thousands of options available in the market, you are a little overwhelmed.

Don’t freak out! Apart from preparing the best organic baby food, below are some fantastic gifts that will wow everyone who will attend the party, especially the parents of the newborn.

Baby nail file clippers

One of the most challenging undertakings parents face is clipping the nails of a newborn. This is because the nails are too tiny and delicate, and they can scratch the little angel’s skin if they are not done nicely. You can give them a smooth clipping experience by gifting the baby with an electric baby nail clippers.

It is a simple motorized nail file that quietly whirls around and clips even the smallest nails. Thanks to its quiet nature, this tool can be used when the baby is asleep. This is doubtlessly one of the best gifts you can give to a newborn.

Infant training toothbrush

This is a gift that will help the newborn start training on dental health early enough. Also, it will assist in massaging the gum when the little one start teething. Make sure that you go for a product that has an ergonomic design, soft bristles, and is safe for use. This is a gift that will stand out, and impress everyone who comes across it.

Play mat bag

This is a cute bag that parents can use to carry toys for the baby when travelling. When it is opened, it doubles up as a large play mat for the young one. Interesting, huh?

This play mat will allow the parents to carry it from one room to another when looking for a clean spot for their child to play. Additionally, the baby will use it for a long time, and might even remember you for the gift for the rest of his life!

Baby photo album when buying this photo album, you want the parents of the baby to record all the milestones the baby makes. However, you will also help give the baby some memories when he/she grows up. This gift might sound simple, but in essence, it is one of the most treasurable items you can give to a new-born. Try it out!

Baby swaddling cloth

For a fact, babies make a lot of mess. Therefore, baby swaddling clothes and baby sheets can help a great deal in giving a parent some easy time cleaning their play areas, and reducing the number of time they bath them every day. Therefore, buy quality ones, preferably those made of cotton and make the lives of the baby’s parents smooth and convenient!

Rattlers and musical toys

There is nothing that will help a parent raise their children more ef6fectively than having something that will distract the new ones as they carry out their daily chores. Rattlers and musical toys will do the trick. There are an array of options available in the market; hence you can go for the best that you can afford.

Baby room décor

From wall stickers, picture frames, height charts, carpets, drapes, and baby room lighting, you have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to baby room décor. Decorating a baby room might be expensive for the parent; thus helping them with a few things here and there might be the best gift you give them this year.

Baby bloom bath

Even if you have never been a parent before, you might be aware of the fact that bathing a baby can be a vicious cycle. This is why you need to get the baby a beautiful baby bloom bath. Choose one with cuddly, soft, and comfy features that will make the baby feel comfortable and happy when bath time knocks.

With the above gift ideas, it is evident that you don’t always have to buy newborn clothes, diapers, and bed linens. Choose a unique gift that you feel will have a more positive impact on the young one’s life and go to the party with confidence!


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Written by Nathaniel Fried

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