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5 Creative Business Ideas for 2019 that you can Work From Home

Let’s talk creative business ideas for the year 2019.

Over the years, more Americans have decided to work from home, or at least half the time to work from home. According to the report of FlexJob for 2018, 3.9 million Americans work from home. This figure indeed goes up. Yes, and with working from home you can have pretty satisfying earnings, but this can only come if you work hard, and also put a passion for the job.

Any work, whether you work from home or from office, if you do not work with love and passion, you will not have good results.

The best thing about working from home is that your hobby can start bringing you money.

If you have a hobby that is unique or you think you can do it better than others, do not wait, start making money from what fulfills you and makes you happy.

I will give you some 2019 creative business ideas for working from home. Choose what is most important to you, roll your sleeves and start working.

List of Creative Business ideas for 2019:

Photography, a creative business idea that is for everyone.

If you want to work as a photographer, you first need to decide what type of photos you will take.

It’s not cheap to start a photography business, especially if you do not have the equipment and you need to buy it.

Apart from the necessary photo equipment, you need to provide a space at home where you can take photos.

However, this easily becomes one of the most profitable business ideas for 2019, only because of the fact that in only day work you can earn from $2,500 to $10,000 for taking pictures at a wedding.

Whether you will be a wedding photographer, portrait photographer, take a picture of nature – there is an excellent choice about what kind of photos to do.

You must know that this category of business has great competition, so you have to be a perfectly good photographer to highlight from others.

Before you start any business, you must have a business plan.

In the business plan, including all costs, as well as the cost of purchasing equipment (if you do not have it) and always be prepared for an extra cost around the stuff, even a new camera can stop working.

Once you have calculated the costs, set your price.

Except that the license is mandatory in this business, you need to learn Photoshop or another program so you can upload the photos.

A website is required.

Your website is magic. Here you can show how good and creative you are in photography. Pay for a good website, prove yourself in the best light, and attach photos from which your breath stops.

I know this looks pretty scary and expensive, but if this really is your hobby that makes you happy, then there’s nothing to think about.

Think about the benefits that you can have from this business, depending on which photo you decide, you will always meet new people, you will have the opportunity for new trips and new adventures.

Concrete Flower Pots

Another 2019 creative business idea that you can work from home, which is exciting and quite easy to accomplish. This would be an excellent job for you especially if you love flowers and plants. You can even work as a part-time job and have another job. It is indeed welcome and useful, right?

This is a super business in which you do not have to invest a lot of money, and if you make a unique brand, you will surely make money.

Again I will mention that even for the smallest business you need a business plan. It may be a tricky part in starting a business, but of course, it is the most important thing.

The brand should emphasize the best of your work, it must be unique, and you will be recognizable to your customers.

Marketing is an essential tool in this business. Always use social networks as a marketing tool, with little investment you can improve your business and sales.

Use your creativity and imagination, and you will have great results. Here are some creative samples to get you start this business idea.

What do you need to do flowers pots at home?

You must first buy concrete, it’s your business base. You can ask for white concrete, it’s better for staining and the end result will not have a gray base.

You need molds in which you make up the mixture made of concrete and water. Molds can be literally in any size and shape, and you can make them yourself from cardboard.

You will need an oil spray or Vaseline to spray (mop) the molds before you make the concrete. The oil spray is used to remove the reinforced concrete from the mold easily.

And finally, you’ll need a concrete paint. I’m telling you to use color to be different from others.

Sincerely anyone can make a concrete pot at home, but you offer something different and something that will not be so easy to do at home. So I told you to use your creativity and fantasy.

And most importantly: You can sell the products on EBay or Etsy.

Make your own packaging for the product also creative and branded. But you can always work with a company that can do it for you.

Send a handwritten message along with the product to tell the buyer that it is vital for you to purchase the product or simply just thank you for buying it from you.

Handmade Jewelry, a unique business idea that never dies.

Nowadays buyers (even me as a buyer) appreciate what is handmade, which makes me happy because with this we show that we understand the hard work and labor of the people who did it.

To start a business with handmade jewelry the most you need is undoubtedly creativity. It would be helpful if you love jewelry and now you want to make money from it. Great idea!

And in this business also has a big competition, so you need be cautious with the business plan and the price you set.

First, choose a style that will lead you in jewelry making it easier to set the brand of your work. If you already make jewelry at home, it will be easier for you now to earn money from it.

If you start making jewelry for the first time, you need to prepare materials for work and of course a place in the home.

Jewelry can be from any material that can fall to your mind, but literally from everything.

Calculate the price of jewelry and put it on sale on EBay or Etsy. Or even you can sell from your own website which is better.

Greeting Cards

If you have a talent for drawing and at the same time for writing this is an ideal job for you from home.

All you need for this job besides working materials is time, place and creativity.

If you are new to the field of drawing, you must find a unique way of expressing it. I would recommend minimalism. If you already draw and with this work, you just want to earn extra, then you already have a drawing style all you need is an incentive to work.

If you create a unique card design, except that you can sell the card, you can also sell the design individually.

However, the cards do not always have to be drawn, they can be 3D or with relief. They can be personalized or festive.

What do you need to do this business idea from home?

A paper trimmer is a must for card making and scrapbooking. This is the primary tool for making cards. It will make it easy for you to cut and save time.

You will also need circle punches. This is one of the tools you use frequently, so it’s advisable to have several in different sizes.

Staplers, Glue, Every kind of paper, foam…

Make a sparkling website and start earning money from home.

Handmade soap

As I said before, people are more keen on products that are handmade. Eat this and if you are not good at making jewelry – do soaps. Yup, homemade soaps are trending in 2019

In this business and you do not need great artistic talent, you just need to research thoroughly and engage in creativity.

Perhaps there is no significant profit in making soaps, but every dollar is welcome, right?

This business can be easily worked out using natural oils, without using parabens.

People are more likely to decide on natural cosmetics, so I suggest you start such an exciting business at home.

Very easy to reach recipes for handmade soaps on Pinterest. Make sure you are different from the rest, with a little effort you can achieve a lot, especially if this job fills you.

Final words:

For all the above-listed business ideas for this year, the most important thing is to have a desire and a love for that business that you decide to do from home.

Another important thing is to have a website where you can sell products or service.

The third important thing is marketing. Next, it’s essential that the equipment you work with and finally allow yourself a place at home for work that will be your corner where you can express yourself and your creativity.

Here we conclude this small list of 5 creative business ideas for 2019 that you can do from your home, and we hope you find your path to entrepreneurship.

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Written by Nathaniel Fried

Co-founder of Fupping. Busy churning out content and building an empire.

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