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Top 7 Netflix Shows To Binge-Watch This Summer

Online streaming services have revolutionized how we interact with visual media these days. Where we had to buy individual copies or licences for movies, a monthly subscription fee now is the only thing that is required. Netflix is undoubtedly the king when it comes to online streaming. With a wide plethora of shows it offers, you can find something interesting for every mood and setting.

Since the summers are almost here, some much-deserved vacations are on our minds. What could be better than enjoying these vacations by binge watching your favourite TV shows and movies, right? All you need is a dependable connection like AT&T or Comcast to indulge yourself into the movies you love (check attonline or Xfinity internet for further info). With so many options available, let us go through some of the best TV shows you can enjoy this summer to delight your senses.

     1. Stranger Things (season 3)

Let’s start our list with one of the fans favourites, especially among the younger audiences. Stranger Things released to a much-deserved critical acclaim with its indulging story line and the adorable acting carried out by various young cast members. The show stars some notable entries like Winona Ryder, Millie Bobby Brown and David Harbour as they explore the strange happenings in the fictional town of Hawkins. The 3rd season is set to be released on the 4th of July exclusively through Netflix since it’s an original show to the service.

The initial story introduced us to the strange world of upside down and the powers of a psychokinetic young girl. A young boy goes missing and the town stumbles upon various secrets while searching for him. The 2nd season is set a year after the happenings of the first and focuses on the lives of various characters as they try to come back to normality and get over the lingering consequences of the past. The 3rd season is set in the year 1985, almost a year after the happenings of the 2nd season and will introduce us to some new characters and interesting story twists. There are many hopes linked with the upcoming season and the directors have assured the masses that it will be worth all the wait.

2. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The initial introduction of this show definitely takes us back to the amazing world of Archie and his friends. Archie Comics created Sabrina the teenage witch as well and it was able to generate a loyal fan base with its interesting story line. Recently, an exclusive TV series was created under license from Archie Comics by the name of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

The series is focused on Sabrina Spellman who is played by the capable actress Kierna Shipka. The series was originally intended to support the show Riverdale that is somewhat of a dark adaptation of the world of Archie and his friends. However, the project was later turned into a straight-up two-season entry where both the seasons were recorded and developed in succession. The story takes us into the world of Salem where witches and other supernatural creatures roam and exist under the shadows. Sabrina being a teenager has to face the mortal human world along with the magical world as she tries to co-exist in both the settings.

3. You (season 2)

You is among the latest entries by Netflix and is basically a psychological thriller. Produced by Warner Television, the first season of the show is based on a novel by Caroline Kepnes. The show revolves around the story of Joe Goldberg who is a New York based bookstore manager. The story progresses as that guy falls in love with one of the store’s customers all the way to the brink of it become an obsession. The story further entwines as the audience gets to witness the various happenings and the thought processes, which facilitate that obsession. The show premiered back in September last year in US and was internationally released at the end of the same year. As soon as it was released on Netflix, the show became a massive hit among audiences worldwide. Following that success, the show has been renewed for a second season, which will be based on the story of another novel, Hidden Bodies by the same author. We anxiously look forward to what this show brings our way!

4. Riverdale (season 3)

We hinted towards Riverdale previously as well and now it’s time to discuss it in detail. Riverdale is a dark adaptation of the world of Archie and his friends as it takes us into the fictional world of Riverdale. The emphasis on each character and how they react to the various happenings around Riverdale is quite visible in the show, which makes this a perfect teenage drama with a dark vibe to it. The original idea was to create a feature film around Archie but it was later reimagined into a TV series for Fox. Netflix was later able to acquire the license and turned it into an exclusive series.

The cast of the movie fulfils all the rolls from the original comics including our lovable gang members Archie (KJ APA), Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhard), Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes) and Jughead (Cole Sprouse). The first season debuted at the start of 2017 and generated a positive response among critics and audiences alike with the various plot twists it accompanies. The 3rd season of the show is still ongoing and now would be a perfect time for you to jump the bandwagon and give it a go. For all the teenagers and Archie fans out there, this would very well be a delight.

5. The Umbrella Academy (season 2)

The Umbrella Academy is among the latest entries by Netflix. This TV show is based around an American based comic book series under the same name. The story revolves around a formerly disbanded group of superhero siblings as they reassemble after the death of their mentor/adoptive father. Now these siblings must face the world while applying what their father taught them in real life scenarios.

There are various family secrets waiting to be uncovered which make the overall plot and setting even more interesting. The safety of the entire humanity is at stake and the estranged siblings have to come out as the saviours. A formidable cast supports the TV show including Ellen Page, Tom Hopper and David Castaneda to name a few. The first season of the show was released back in February this year and due to the positive response, it was been renewed for a second season.

6. , Death & Robots

Love, Death & Robots is an American animated anthology created by Netflix. The show hosts a total of 18 episodes all of which come with interesting graphics and intriguing story lines. David Fincher, Tim Miller and a number of other notable personnel are attributed towards the development of this series. This is what you can easily define as something unique and is quite different from your everyday shows. The idea of this series comes from a 1981 sci-fi film by the name of Heavy Metal and this could be considered as sort of a reboot to that idea.

Audiences get to enjoy a collection of interesting animations, which include horror, fantasy, comedy and science fiction elements at their core while beautifully incorporating rudiments of emotions and their impacts on various characters in their respective worlds. This is definitely a must-watch in our list and the small yet meaningful episodes will surely leave you wanting more and more. Here to enjoying this show ASAP, cheers!

7. The OA (season 2)

The OA is an American mystery TV show that incorporates a wide number of elements like fantasy, sci-fi and supernatural in its story line. The first season debuted back in 2016 on Netflix and was jointly produced by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij. The second season like its predecessor includes a total of 8 episodes and was released in March this year.

The story circulates around Prairie Johnson, a young women who resurfaces after been missing for seven years. Due to an unknown phenomenon, the girl gains back her eye-sight (since she was previously blind) and now calls herself OA. The show amassed a generally positive response among the audiences worldwide particularly due to its visual and the outstanding acting skills of the cast. To give any further info regarding the story line would be considered as a spoiler therefore we will let you uncover it on your own, but rest assured, it would be worth your time.

The overall presence Netflix has is only growing stronger with each passing day. That is precisely the reason why it has become somewhat of a threat to the cinema industry as a whole. There are countless other options in various genres which deserve attention so be sure to check out the app so see what is available in your area. Happy streaming!

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