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How To Add The Sophisticated Touch Of Persian Décor To Your Home?

When you hear or read the name Persia, what comes to your mind? For me, it is always the sophisticated style and the novelty with which houses are decorated. Iran has a long history of handicrafts, and Iranians are a huge fan of decorating their homes with them. Some of these crafts have taken on a modern twist, and some have been created into a unique blend of new and old.

If you want to decorate your house with a touch of Iranian décor, you must read our following guide!

Get Persian Rugs

You cannot talk about Persian style without mentioning its rugs. Persian rugs are famous worldwide for their colors and sophistication. People specially import these rugs for their home décor. There are two main types of Persian rugs. Silk rugs are more appropriate for the decorative purposes, and you should not walk on it too much. A rug made of wool, or wool and silk, will be more durable and practical. There are many options of rugs for you to choose from, and every rug has its own unique design. Check out discounted Persian rugs.

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Ceramics & Pottery

Something that the Arab world is famous for is its ceramics and pottery, and Iran is no different. Pottery played a major role in Persian history even before there was a Persian Empire. Hundreds of years ago, Persians used small and large clay jugs because it keeps the water cool. There are still many cities that continue this tradition and produce amazing ceramics. Some of these pieces can be for decoration, but you can also use clay dishes in the kitchen for cool/hot beverages.

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Add A Poshti In Your Sitting Corner

In Iran, it was once customary to sit on the floor. In many households, families still prefer to sit on the floor. They create a sitting area and place a poshti against walls. These cushions have a traditional red border with a patterned center, providing you with back support while looking stylish. You can find poshtis in traditional homes. They can be the perfect addition if you want to create a cozy space for reading or relaxing.

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No house is complete without paintings, but when it comes to Persian paintings, they can make your house look exquisite. Iranian miniature paintings show poems and popular writings. You will also find the miniature art decorating the pages of Persian books. This miniatures art has been a popular style in Iran for centuries. It is worth the investment if you decide to get a traditional Iranian miniature painting. It will bring the color and beauty of Persia into your home.

If you want to bring Persian touch to your home, decorating your home with miniature paintings and indigenous artifacts will do the trick. Try to opt for traditional Persian things such as their famous rugs, that you can get at rug store SF, and pottery. Soon your home will radiate the sophistication of a traditional Iranian home! Good Luck!


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