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5 Aspects of Bathroom Vanities You Should Consider Before Buying

Before you begin buying new bathroom vanities for your home, allow me to congratulate you on looking for tips and doing your research. It’s easy to get carried away by the decorating spirit, and you’ve surely felt tempted to go the *NSYNC route and baby buy, buy, buy.

However, something deep within you told you that choosing any vanity for your bathroom on a whim isn’t quite the right thing to do. Whether it was instinct or pure luck, you were right to second guess your impulse to buy.

Here are 5 aspects you should consider before you buy any vanities for a bathroom in your home.

1: Size Matters

Size does matter…in regard to your bathroom. It’s important to consider the size of your bathroom before you move forward in your decorating process. If you’re going to install new bathroom vanities, you need to have your entire bathroom measured and put into numbers, so you know the vanity will be a perfect fit.

A spacious bathroom would allow you a much wider variety of vanities, while a smaller bathroom would limit your options a bit more. However, don’t let having a smaller bathroom get you down; there are still a plethora of inspiring vanities you can install in smaller bathrooms!

When you’re figuring out the height of the vanity you’re installing, keep in mind that a mirror or a cabinet is likely also to be installed above the vanity. So it’s important you leave enough room on the wall to be able to install such items.

2: Where to Place It?

You’ve got the measurements and dimensions of your bathroom locked and loaded. It’s just that you’re now struggling between three different options that seem so…perfect! Why can’t you just choose them all? It’d be so much easier that way!

Let’s say you’re stuck between a freestanding option, an option that mounts on the wall, and one that mounts in the corner. Here’s some help: Think about your preferences and decorating attitudes. Do you want a more classic look or are you leaning towards a more modern style?

A more modern style would result in you choosing the wall-mounted type of vanity. Meanwhile, corner-mount and freestanding options are considered more classic and traditional. If you are leaning towards a classic look, consider whether or not your bathroom is able to complement a vanity that’s mounted in its corner. If not, a freestanding vanity should be the best choice.

3: What About the Sink?

When you’re choosing your bathroom vanities, remember to consider what type of sink you would like. Some sinks simply won’t pair well with certain vanities, so make sure you pick out a vanity and a sink at the same time.

4: Customization

Almost every vanity has customization options, and it’s nice to get your creative juices flowing when customizing your vanity to your liking. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. You want your vanity to complement your bathroom and blend into it. You don’t want it to be excessive and too much.

5: The Final Touches

After you’ve picked out your perfect bathroom vanities, consider adding sinks, cabinets, and more items that are from the same collection. This will help round out your bathroom to create the perfect aesthetic.


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Written by Nathaniel Fried

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