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5 Of The Most Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas

We know planning how to pop the question is nerve wrecking and stressful. Even though we think we know our partners very well, we still never know how they might react. Planning a proposal can take a lot of work and if you want to expecting to impress, you need to get really creative. There are many kinds of cliched proposal plans from hiding the ring in a piece of cake to popping the question on Valentine’s Day. However, putting in the extra effort to come up with a creative and unique proposal will get you the “yes”. Here are some ideas to help inspire a creative marriage proposal that will have your fiancé sharing with everyone:

  1. Destination Proposal – While this might seem like another cliched proposal, there are ways to make this a special unique moment. A great way to choose the best place to propose is to think about your favorite trip together and consider visiting the same destination again. Instead of being on tourist mode, both of you will be much more relaxed and will be able to enjoy your vacation much more. You can plan to visit a restaurant both of you loved then visit a spot both of you loved. From there you can sneak in your proposal. This makes not just the moment but the destination special for both of you.
  2. Scavenger/ Treasure Hunt – Turning your proposal into a fun activity, such as a scavenger or treasure hunt, is a great way to incorporate some fun with memories. Create clues that will lead your partner to the perfect proposal spot. Your clues can incorporate important moments from your relationship such as the first time the two of you said “I love you”. Make sure that your clues are easy ones that will lead her to your final meeting place. This might be the place you had your first date or any place that is special for the two of you. From there that leads her to the “treasure” of you and the perfect engagement ring waiting for her to discover.

  1. Movie Trailer – A very creative way to propose includes a simple date to the movies for the two of you. However, instead of the usual trailers this trailer includes you asking your significant other for their hand in marriage. This proposal takes a lot of planning and help so make sure to ask friends and family for their help. Find a small local theatre and ask them if they would be willing to show your proposal trailer for the night of your date. You can be creative and actually create a storyline in your trailer if you would like or just have a video with you talking about how special she is to you and then pop the question. Invite friends and family to join in on the film also, so they can take part in the special moment.
  2. Photo booth – While we love elaborate proposals, not everyone enjoys a show of personal moments or likes being the center of attention. This simple idea of proposing in a photo booth is cute, simple, and unexpected. You can easily find a photo booth at a local bar, club, or restaurant. Plan a date night to that spot and then suggest taking photos in the photo booth. While you set up for the photo, take out the ring and when shutter begins to pop the question. She is sure to be surprised, and this is a great way for you to capture the special moment on camera at the same time.
  3. Game Night – A typical date night is actually the perfect moment to pop the question. This can make for a great moment to surprise her with a proposal. Plan for an at-home game night for your next date night. This makes for a fun but intimate moment for the two of you. You can choose to incorporate the question into a game such as a trivia game. You can also create your own game for the two of you to play and then sneak in the question that way.

Proposing can be a tricky moment to plan. Remember, to consider the type of proposal you think your partner would want. No matter if you choose for a more elaborate show-stopping moment or a simple intimate one-on-one affair, keeping your plan creative is key for a memorable proposal.

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Written by Nathaniel Fried

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