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Common Issues When Building a Custom Home

Owning a home is a major move and this requires detailed planning. While many exhibit excitement, and inspiration, especially when working with Sydney builders Reward Homes to design the home, the process can fast become overwhelming, especially with regards to the tons of decisions needed to be made.

While most people go into the custom home building project without proper planning, there is the need to carefully analyze the common issues associated with such investments as this and better prepare for them.

When going into the custom home building project, below are some of the common issues which you may be faced with.

1. Design and Budget Mismatch

Every potential home owner has a dream home which they have conceptualized in their head. However, while the dream home may involve all thing state of the art or all things vintage, the budget may be in dissonance with the overall design which has been drafted.

When this happens to you, the truth is, most custom builders have come across this situation and the best way to resolve such disequilibrium is to stay clear off the dream design and features.

If you have been met with a lower budget compared to what you have dreamt of, a great way to remedy this is to ensure that you work with experts, brainstorming on the features and preferences which are most essential in the home and having them give a professional perspective on the conceptualized design in most cases, it is recommended that you stay in sync with the architect at all times as they are able to analyze whether your specific needs can be fitted into the plan for the home considering factors such as the lot size.

To better reduce the hassles associated with the design-budget dissonance, a wonderful trick will be to bring on an experienced builder early on in the project as they are able to offer professional help with regards to manipulation of plans to better strike a balance between budget and design. The builder is also able to offer you alternatives on building materials which are guaranteed to offer you similar quality for a lesser amount.

2. Permit Delays

When planning on a custom home building project, one of the most important factors that may hold down the project is permits. With regards to permits, two things should readily come to mind;

Your builder must take care of all permits, licenses, HOA approvals, and necessary inspections. This is essential as you do not want to be in violation of any rules or regulations. Be sure to confirm that the custom home builder gas secured all the needed approvals and permits.

Be prepared to wait as most often times, permits take longer than they should take and this may significantly affect the timeline of the project. Most often than not, the elongated and delayed permit process may be due to bureaucracy involved in issuing them. Keeping in touch with the builder can give you first hand information with regards to the progress of the permit.

3. Material Selection Delays and Lead Times

Another common issue with regards to custom home building is the selection of materials. Having to choose custom cabinetry materials, kitchen countertop materials, materials for surfaces and sinks, flooring materials, hardware, fixtures and more can be an overwhelming process. In most cases, you may be unable to complete the selection process in months thus slowing down the progress of the construction process. In some other cases, order fulfilment may also account for extra delays in the construction process as companies or suppliers may run out of stock and take longer time to restock and ship.

To reduce the delay time, ensure that all materials to be ordered by the builder are decided upon early during the construction process so they can have the orders submitted early and the products delivered in time for the construction project.

To ensure that you make the best choices, it is recommended that you give yourself time to choose the best materials as this process can indeed be overwhelming.

4. Design Changes

While it is exciting to watch your custom home take shape brick by brick, in most cases, you may be forced to make some alterations to the design based on new events, new trends and other factors. This may significantly delay the timeline for the completion of the project. It is recommended that you build in a wiggle room in the original design which allows you accommodate for certain changes in design later on during the construction process.


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