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Teeth Whitening: Things You Need To Know

Teeth whitening has become one of the most sought after cosmetic dental service in recent time largely due to its non-invasive nature and overall quick results. Several patients have contacted their dentist Wahroonga for the cosmetic dental service.

However, while teeth whitening procedures are fast and guarantee visible results in the shortest possible time frame, it is important to know all there is about the procedure before submitting yourself to it.

Several people have in a bid to whiten their teeth for better appearance resorted to several different practices including smoking and dental implants and DIY home remedies which are mostly not as effective. In some cases, the use of teeth whitening kits sold at local convenience stores can also predispose users to varying reactions including sensitivity of the teeth amongst other developments.

If you are interested in getting a teeth whitening procedure, it is recommended that you visit a qualified and experienced dentist Wahroonga for this service.

Before your appointment, below are some of the things you should know about the dental procedure:

1. What Is Teeth Whitening And What Is Involved In This Procedure?

Teeth whitening has become one of the commonest dental services in recent times and this is largely due to its effectiveness in bleaching stains away from the teeth and leaving it whiter than before. The teeth whitening procedure cannot make a complete color change, however, it can significantly lighten the appearance of the teeth by several shades. Getting professional bleaching is the most effective and usual method of teeth whitening as it is easy, non-invasive and cosmetic.

Patients are also exposed to different options of teeth whitening, especially as they can opt for the in-clinic service or the home kit.

2. How Long Will It Take To Notice Significant Changes?

Changes in the color and appearance of the teeth may be noticed after a single use of the teeth bleach. The desired color of the teeth will however affect the number of times the bleach may be applied. It is recommended that you discuss the details with your preferred dentist Wahroonga to ensure that you get the best results while also protecting your teeth and keeping your oral health optimum.

3. Side Effects

Several patients are interested in the side effects of teeth whitening procedure. However, being a cosmetic procedure, an approximate of 80 percent of patients record sensitivity immediately after the teeth whitening process. The teeth sensitivity is however usually mild, and will normally fade away within the first 48 hours of the process. Speaking to your dentist can also help with the side effect as he or she may be able to suggest some useful tips which will help you better address the developing sensitivity.

4. How Long Will The Procedure Stay Active?

The length of time for which your teeth will remain whiter depends on a number of factors including your lifestyle choices, eating habit and more. The effect of teeth whitening procedure can significantly be eroded in persons who are regular takers of tea, coffee, red wine and other strainers of the teeth. It can also be a short lived process for smokers as there is a higher possibility that it may predispose their teeth to deeper colors over a shorter span.

The teeth can however be better managed by speaking to your dentist who is able to give you clear cut instructions with regards to after care of whitened teeth to help you prolong the effect of the process. Get started on your journey to whiter teeth by booking an appointment to polish your teeth with the Dentist in Houston now.

5. Can I Try Home Whitening Kits?

Home teeth whitening kits are available in a wide range of variants and may be applied. However, there are several reasons why dentists do not recommend these kits as in most cases, they contain certain amount of whitening ingredient or bleach which may either be too strong or too mild for the teeth. In the instance where the bleach is too strong, chances are that damage may be done to the enamel of the teeth or the gum. In the event where the active ingredient is too mild, it may cause a rather ineffective teeth whitening process. Speaking with a dental care specialist can however solve this problem as they are able to present patients with take-home teeth whitening kits.

6. Teeth Maintenance After Whitening

Maintaining your teeth after the whitening procedure is essential to keeping it looking white over a long period of time. To get the best of the procedure, ensure that you take note of proper oral health and hygiene routines such as brushing of the teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once. Additionally, it is recommended that you stay away from smoking and other food or drink items that can stain the teeth such as red wine, coffee, tea and more. Also ensure that you cut down on sugary food such as sodas.

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