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5 Interesting Gifts For Your Coffee Loving Family

Looking for an interesting gift outside the norm for a coffee lover in your life? We’ve picked out 5 unique gifts perfect for any true coffee connoisseur; continue reading to find out more.

Bean Box

It’s nice to have favorites but it’s also good to try new things. If you’re needing to get a gift for a coffee drinker in your life, get them a monthly coffee subscription box! One popular pick is the Bean Box which custom picks coffee blends from all around the globe according to your specific tastes and roast preferences. Whether your friend or family member is an espresso expert or blonde roast cheerleader, Bean Box has everything they’ll need to be jumping for joy when it comes in the mail each month.

The Baratza Virtuoso Conical Coffee Grinder

Know someone that likes to get a little more hands-on when making their cup of java? Try getting them their own coffee grinder. The Baratza Virtuoso is a top pick for those wanting a manual burr coffee grinder and is super easy to use. Along with offering consistent and quality performance, this grinder also has 40 grind settings so you can virtually grind for almost every brew style. It’s also a great investment given the commercial quality of its design and the amount of control it will give the user to make their ideal cup of coffee.

Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

If you know a real coffee addict, you’ve probably noticed that they keep a cup of their favorite brew closeby at all times but a lot of the time their precious java is cold because they forgot to drink it while it was hot. Instead of letting them sip on cold cups of coffee all day, you can be a hero and get your coffee loving friend or family member an electronically heated mug! The Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug keeps coffee at the perfect temperature chosen by you and is easily controlled by an app on your phone. Make cold cups coffee a thing of the past (unless you like it iced of course) and invest in this game-changing mug.

Turntable Kitchen Subscription Box

Getting artisan coffee sent to your door is pretty great but what’s even better than that? Getting coffee and vinyl sent to you each month. If you know a coffee drinker that loves music just as much as they love their cup of Joe, get them a subscription to the Turntable Kitchen coffee and vinyl box. This company perfectly blends insatiable beats with intoxicating music for one unique experience. Not only will they get to try out different high-quality coffees each month but your coffee lover might also discover a new music artist to obsess over.

HyperChiller V2 Iced Coffee Maker

If you’re trying to find a gift for a cold brew drinker, the HyperChiller V2 Iced Coffee Maker is the product for you. This device eliminates the need to wait forever in line at the coffee shop and instead transforms freshly brewed hot coffee into perfectly chilled iced coffee in as quick as one minute! Along with saving your gift recipient both time and money, this iced coffee maker is also dishwasher safe as well as compactly designed to fit most full-size single-cup brewers for added convenience.

Final Thoughts

Whether your coffee lover is an espresso expert, roast experimentalist, or grind snob, one of these 5 interesting gifts is guaranteed to be the perfect present and a lot better than a simple gift card to their local coffee shop. You’re welcome and see you later percolator!


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Written by Nathaniel Fried

Co-founder of Fupping. Busy churning out content and building an empire.

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