Modern T-Shirt Styles to Consider in SS19

The great British summer is known for one thing, and that is its fickle nature. One minute it will be pouring with rain, the next we’re in the midst of a mini heatwave. However, there is usually one thing that you can bank on, and that is that we will get at least a few ridiculously hot days; the kind where everyone dons their t-shirts and shorts, rushes out to buy electric fans for their homes and, of course, complains that the weather is too hot!

There is a good chance that you might find yourself rushing around the shops to add to your rather meagre collection of t-shirts as well, because the hot weather finds you changing a couple of times a day. If this sounds familiar, then don’t be caught out this year. Here is a look at the t-shirts styles you might want to consider before the SS19 season gets well and truly underway. And here is hoping this year really does bring that long hot summer they keep promising us.

Drop shoulder tees

This is as the name would suggest a t-shirt where the shoulder seam is dropped. Unlike a more traditional t-shirt where the seam sits at the top of the shoulder creating the classic “T” shape of a t-shirt, it lies a little further down the arm creating a more relaxed and casual feel to the garment. These tees tend to be a little looser in their sizing, making them very comfortable for wearing in the warmer weather. The men’s drop shoulder t-shirt is a style you should give serious consideration to adding to your wardrobe for the SS19 season.

Non-sleeve vest

The vest style t-shirt is something of a classic and no self-respecting summer wardrobe for the SS19 season should be without at least a couple, since they are so incredibly versatile. They are great for those especially hot days and can be matched with a pair of shorts or flung on with swim shorts for a quick trip to the beach. They also work well with ripped jeans for a completely different look.

The coloured t-shirt

For far too long, the white crew neck has been the staple for everyone – the safe wardrobe option that can be dressed up or down. Well, not in the SS19 season. The coloured t-shirt, and we are talking block colours here, is in. Whether you choose something in a bold, striking primary shade or prefer a pastel colour that is a little more pared back, this is a great way to add a real splash of colour to your wardrobe and can really alter the way your outfit looks. The great thing about the block coloured t-shirt is it is also great for layering should the weather make this a necessity.

Experiment with colours and buy a few different ones, it’s amazing how different colours will change an outfit completely.


Florals are in and again don’t be afraid to experiment with colour. Big and bold florals can look great paired with denim for a smart casual look this summer.


If you are a fan of the more patterned t-shirt then don’t worry because varsity style tees are definitely in this season, as are retro patterns. In fact, beautiful bold retro patterns are really making something of a comeback. The good news is that these are a really great look that will undoubtedly make you stand out in a crowd, and they pair really well with this season’s must-have ripped jeans for a smarter casual look.

With all this choice, you’re sure to want to try out a few different options for your tees this year, so let’s hope the weather holds. And if it doesn’t, you can always layer up to get the most out of your new summer purchases!

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Written by Nathaniel Fried

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