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Tips For Changing Currencies Before Traveling

Every trip requires planning. Suitcases, flights, bookings, transportation, insurance, vaccines, passports … And if the destination is outside the dollar zone, besides, you have to think about switching to foreign currency. We can request it first at the bank branch, look for life when getting off the plane, or the most efficient option: request it at home before the trip.

Change before the trip or do I wait to arrive at the destination?

The need for different currencies starts as soon as we arrive at the destination. Walking through the airport, we may have to pay for something, if not, just leave, when we are looking for a taxi, shuttle, or transportation to the hotel. If not, immediately after meals, or to buy a bottle of water, a SIM card with an Internet connection, hire visitors, pick up tickets to access points of interest or to attend events.

Although there are countries where card payments are widespread, even for very small amounts, in other countries this does not occur and most of the day’s purchases are paid in cash. And at some like in others, the bank issued a card can charge us to use it outside the dollar zone.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the dollar is demanded as a currency in all countries of the world, so we can find banks and exchange houses and change our dollars there. Of course, exchange rates and commissions can vary greatly depending on the place chosen.

There are also alternatives to using cards to cash ATMs, although with uncertainty knowing whether they will accept the card or if we have to find another and how much commission they will apply to us.

In one way or another, it’s clear that not bringing modified money from home raises concerns and requires a large investment of time.

How many foreign currencies do I need?

Once we have decided how we will get foreign currency, we have to ask ourselves something basic: how much do we need? Are there currency exchange locations near me?

We must understand that planning ahead is the key to saving travel. To be precise at this planning stage we obtain an estimate of the travel budget that will help us determine how many dollars, expressed in other currencies, we will need a daily fee.

The type of trip will affect the need for cash: if we travel alone or with family, the length of the trip and, of course, how wide the card is used at the destination.

At this point we can propose two strategies for changing our dollar:

– Take everything changed from the United States.
– Has changed a small amount for the first few days and then changed or withdraw cash.

And to oppose two ideas:

– The exchange rate applied is better if we change more than once.
– However, if at the end of the trip we have enough money, changing it to dollars means paying more commissions.

Changing before a trip is a good idea.

After a long flight, with accumulated fatigue and the desire to start enjoying a few days in a different environment, what you don’t want most is to find a place to change currencies. A few days later, during the trip, it would not be nice to check that there was little left in the wallet and it was time to find a changing house or ATM that received our card. That is why many travelers choose to change before boarding the plane. Those who don’t look forward take advantage of waiting at the airport and playing with the type they want to give. Others prefer going to the bank branch to order currency and a few days later they graduate again to take it.


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