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7 Most Unusual Places in the World to See with a Loved One

Throughout its existence, mankind has been constantly studying the ambient environment. People conquer peaks, plunge to ocean bottoms, and explore forests and deserts in search of answers to the questions: what, where, and when? Over time, there are fewer and fewer places on the planet where no man has gone before, but many mysteries – natural and historical – remain unsolved even today. Let’s look at the most unusual and extraordinary places in the world that look completely alien.

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Valley of Sailing Stones, California

In the US state of California, there is a real geological phenomenon which is still being studied. This is a valley of sailing stones. It was discovered at the bottom of a long-standing dried-up lake in the south of Death Valley. Incredibly, large boulders slowly move along a completely flat clay surface, leaving a long trace!

To date, the official hypothesis of the phenomenon of sailing stones is that the boulders move due to the power of water and wind. After the rain, this lake is filled with water, and the clay soil becomes wet. Because of this, the force of friction decreases, and hurricane gusts cause the stones to “sail” along the plain.

However, no one can yet explain why the stones lying nearby start to “crawl” in different directions, and some do not even move at all. It is logical that under the influence of the wind, they must move to one side of the lake.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

These are stunning limestone caves that gleam and shine thanks to the millions of glowworms living in the underground labyrinths. These small insects are representatives of the fungus gnats genus and emit phosphorescent light, which creates unusual light installations in the cave. This type of glowworms lives only in New Zealand. Scientists claim that the insects emit light due to the fact that they are hungry – thus, gnats lure prey into their traps.

The fishing village of Houtouwan, China

In China, there is an unusual abandoned village, which attracts thousands of tourists annually. Once, fishermen lived here, and since then, the village began to overgrow with grass and jungle, slowly turning into a green kingdom. The plants have completely covered the old stone houses, turning the abandoned dead village into an unusual and fascinating area. Houtouwan has long been a local landmark. You should visit it to see all the fairytale beauty for yourself. Moreover, it is a very romantic place. Pretty girls will be impressed by such landscapes!

Bloody Pond, Japan

In the Japanese city of Beppu, there is an unusual “bloody” pond. Its red color is caused by the high content of iron in the water. The pond is a hot spring and one of the best attractions in the city. It is impossible to swim in the thermal spring, but even a mere glance at this wonder of nature gives pleasure and enjoyment.

The Richat Structure, Mauritania

The Richat Structure on the African continent is a truly mystical and mysterious place, which is also called the Eye of the Sahara. It is a bizarre figure of several concentric rings. These circles have a diameter of 40 kilometers and can be seen even from space. The Richat Structure is located at an altitude of about 400 meters above sea level in the Sahara Desert.

Initially, scientists thought that the Eye of the Sahara was formed due to meteoritic fall, but modern geologists believe that the Richat Structure is the result of erosion. The reason for its circular shape is still a mystery for scientists from all over the world.

The Spotted Lake (Kliluk), Canada

Kliluk is a completely unusual lake in British Columbia. Depending on weather conditions and time of year, the lake crystallizes and changes to a certain color. Thus, you can see a lot of “spots” on the water. These are circles of minerals since Kliluk is not only beautiful but also rich in natural resources. This is the world’s largest concentration of magnesium sulfate, calcium, sodium, as well as silver and titanium. This fantastic reservoir is like a mirror of other worlds.

Eisriesenwelt, Austria

Eisriesenwelt is an ice cave in Austria that is truly unusual and impressive in its size. Everyone who comes here feels like in a completely different, fairy-tale world. This is the largest ice cave on the planet – underground labyrinths of the Eisriesenwelt stretch for 40 kilometers! Of course, this delightful and beautiful place attracts thousands of tourists. Do not have a person who can discover these marvelous labyrinths with you? Happiness is real only when shared. So use to find a girlfriend who has a thirst for adventure!

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