Where are the 5 Best Places in London to Hire a Wedding Venue? 

London is not shy of interesting wedding venues that will be sure to meet everyone’s likes and budgets, but how do you know where the best location in the city is? This list has been curated to narrow down your search of where to find the best wedding venue in London. 

Why Should I Have My Wedding in London?

There are many reasons why you should stay in London when it comes to planning a wedding of any size, such as the fact that the city is flooded with unique venues to make your day extra special and the obvious fact that all of your guests will be able to get to you with ease. Furthermore, if that’s not enough… don’t forget about the incredible photo opportunities that the city has to offer. 

5 of the Best Places in London for Wedding Venues

Whether you are looking to wed in one of London’s more historic neighbourhoods or somewhere more low-key and relaxed, hiring a venue in London for a wedding can be stressful. However, the following list caters for everyone and may help you decide. 

  1. Mayfair, London

As one of London’s most exclusive and upscale neighbourhoods, why wouldn’t one choose a Mayfair wedding? The good news is that the neighbourhood is bustling with life and will naturally enhance the atmosphere of your wedding and there are some stunning wedding venues in and around Mayfair. Some of these options include stunning chapels and well-lit halls. Furthermore, Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park are just around the corner, which makes it the perfect spot to get wedding photos taken, too.

  1. The City of London, London

Another central location that has plenty of movement and is easily accessible for all guests as there are plenty of public transport options. You have the chance to find a stunning venue by the Thames that can offer your wedding unique views. Due to the location, when looking around the City of London, you are very likely to be able to track down a rentable chapel, however, one of the main options available in the City of London includes beautiful halls with a traditional feel and large windows. 

  1. Angel and Islington, London

Angel and Islington both have vibrant energies with a twist of artsiness that is a great option for people searching for a trendy neighbourhood. There is a magnificent amount of unique venues to be hired for your special day around these neighbourhoods, making it a great spot for the reception, as there are traditional pubs, hall rooms and cosy function rooms available for private use. The area is also home to some fantastic green spaces and gardens which make for beautiful wedding photos for the bride and groom. 

  1. Wembley, London

In London’s northwest, Wembley is most famous for its stadium and is a great wedding location as many well-maintained green spaces make for ideal outdoor weddings or photo opportunities, not to mention the stunning town hall which would also make a great photo backdrop. There are also plenty of venues ideal for big or small weddings, from stately manors to large halls or even the choice of barn weddings… Wembley has got it all! 

  1. Stoke Newington, London

Stoke Newington, located in the Borough of Hackney is well-known for its connection to culture and the arts, as the neighbourhood is flooded with bookstores, galleries and plenty of music venues. It has become an increasingly popular neighbourhood for weddings due to its unique atmosphere and has plenty of venues for hire that would suit a wedding. The area is not short of green spaces and urban spaces that would make for unique photo opportunities, too. Furthermore, Stoke Newington is flooded with incredible photographers and florists that make it easy to plan and implement a personalised and memorable wedding celebration. 

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