5 Offbeat Things To Do in Singapore

Singapore is not only a bustling financial center in Asia, but also a wonderland full of spectacular attractions. It has been a popular tourist destination for Indian travelers since the last few years. Like few other travel spots in the world, Singapore is a venue for a number of unconventional activities. This blog takes you through some of those exciting and offbeat things you can indulge in during your Singapore tour. Find out what extraordinary international tour packages really look like.

1. Art Jamming in Studios

If painting runs in your blood, then these art spots are a great way to awaken the Picasso in you. Let your creative juices start flowing with the strokes of paint brushes on a canvas. Get artsy with a bout of freestyle painting. What’s more, you can even take back home the masterpiece you’ve created.

2. Drinking at the Secret Bar

28 Hong Kong Street is a bar unlike any other. It has no standard signage since it is a hidden bar with secret entrance. The outlandish bar is particularly noted for its cocktails, which are mind-blowingly good here. The menu is updated every month. An unmissable top drinking spot in Singapore.

3. Underwater Hockey Game

Do regular sports on land bore you to death? No worries. The next time you buy Singapore tour packages, make sure you get a chance to play underwater hockey at the Queenstown Swimming Complex. Shift the playground under the water for a while. Feel the thrill when you take a dive with the hockey stick and play the game with the aid of a snorkel.

4. Turtle and Tortoise Museum

The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum inside the Chinese Gardens is another rare affair to remember in Singapore. Get a glimpse of over 800 turtles and tortoises from more than 50 different species. If you are visiting with your kids, the museum can be quite enlightening. You can feed these amphibians veggies while they lounge around in their habitat.

5. Buddha’s Tooth in Temple

The Buddha’s Tooth Relic Temple and Museum houses what is believed to be a fragment of tooth from the sage Gautam Buddha. The tooth is reportedly recovered from a collapsed stupa in Myanmar in 1980. A must-see relic in Singapore that you’d not find anywhere else.

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Considering its small size, Singapore has a world of exciting activities to offer to tourists. It is one of the most happening Southeast Asian countries today. Expect the unexpected on a trip to this amazing land. You’ll find a plateful of activities to lose yourself in. Take Singapore tour packages from Ahmedabad or Mumbai, and raise the bar of traveling abroad with unique experiences. Bon voyage!

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