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Bitcoin and Crypto Myths and Facts

There is something about bitcoin that makes us think constantly. Its popularity is growing positively, and this impact can be seen in the entire crypto market. Unless you live in a cave or use the Internet, you’ve probably heard of bitcoin and cryptos. However, some continue to hold negative solid views and attitudes about what bitcoin is, its legitimacy, and if it is suitable for society. On the other hand, such debates are essential, and people should learn all they can learn about bitcoin to contribute to the ongoing conversation about cryptocurrency and its prospects. Visit at: bitcoinsuperstar

Trading knowledge ensures that individuals are well-versed about cryptocurrencies, particularly bitcoin, and have all the facts before doubting its usefulness. To start our topic, here are some intriguing bitcoin facts:

Who designed it?

Although Satoshi Nakamoto is credited with inventing bitcoin in 2009, we know it is a fictitious name for a single person or group of people working on the project. In 2011, Nakamoto disappeared from the Internet, indicating who he might be.

Many have publicly identified themselves as Satoshi over the years. Dorian Nakamoto of California was dubbed the “founder” of bitcoin by an author who noted many similarities between Dorian and Satoshi. This claim has been rejected.

What is the total number of bitcoins?

Bitcoin is limited in quantity. Over 21 million in circulation, and more are being mined daily. The founder of bitcoin only made $21 million when the cryptocurrency was created.

Pizza Day in Bitcoin

Did you know that May 22 is National Pizza Day for Bitcoin? On May 22, 2010, a Florida programmer named László Hanez sold 10,000 bitcoins for two pizzas.

One of the biggest bitcoin wallets belongs to the FBI.

Some years ago, the FBI closed Silk Road, an illegal website where bitcoins were used to make various deals. The FBI obtained all bitcoins circulating on the website, accounting for about 1.5 percent of all bitcoins worldwide. Although 1.5 percent may not seem like a significant number, it is a considerable amount for a company to own in the grand scheme of things.

Keep the private key safe

A digital wallet is where you save your bitcoins. However, it would be best to take extreme care when saving your password and key, which are required to access your digital bitcoin wallet. It is assumed that 21% of the supply of bitcoins has been lost due to stolen keys.

Transactions are irreversible

More traditional payment methods, such as bank transfers, can be tracked and reversed if necessary. Not so with bitcoin. You must double-check the address to which you are sending the payment.

Supercomputer-like performance

According to some analysts, the bitcoin network’s computing power exceeds 2,046,364 Pflop/s. To estimate that 500 supercomputers will give you about 274 Pflop/s computing power.

Myths about Bitcoin

Immutability: One of the most common misconceptions about bitcoin or any cryptocurrency is that it is immutable. It is firm, but they misinterpret it. Is there something in technology that will never need updating? Everything needs to be updated, and some modifications must be implemented over time. It can be changed if we wish. 

Yes, just like we did with Ethereum (in the DOA hack), we can alter major standards or protocols for bitcoin, such as completely blocking specific wallet addresses or rolling back the chain. Several backward compatible chains can be tested in parallel after a SegWit deployment.

  • Forty people hold most bitcoins (and similar currencies): top wallets with large amounts of bitcoins do not confirm this.
  • Most popular wallets have already been identified as exchange website accounts (and those accounts do not belong to the bitcoin exchange website. Instead, they represent the sum of all bitcoins held by their customers).
  • Governments oppose bitcoin, which is already classified as a digital asset or security in most developed countries. For example, Japan is a strong supporter.
  • Bitcoin is prohibited because it is not legal tender: these individuals must first understand the concept of legal tender. Although gold is not the legal currency, it does not make it illegal. 


There are many facts and myths about Bitcoin in the market, and here you would have gained insight into it. You can also start trading by registering on Bitcoin era app. 

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Written by Robert James

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