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What You Need to Know About Binance Coins

We know more about Bitcoin exchanges, these are the platforms that allows easier mode trading in cryptocurrency of your choice. On the other hand, there are still many cryptocurrencies that we do not know about, although they are going strong and doing very well. One such highly popular crypto is the Binance coin. Let’s learn more about this cryptocurrency, which has slowly become the hot crypto. Visit at: bitcoinaussiesystem

The Binance Exchange first developed the Binance coin and introduced it to the world. The Binance coins work with a symbol of BNB. While talking about the exchange base, Binance has the largest number of exchanges worldwide.

In fact, to your surprise, it provides or faces 1.4 million transactions per second. You can easily imagine how large the fanbase of Binance is. 

Binance was backed by the Ethereum blockchain network in its initial stage, which changed later. After some time, Binance stopped using the Ethereum network and developed its database, which we know as the Binance chain. Binance exchanges are highly popular all around the globe. Slowly, Binance is gaining popularity and is being competitive to Bitcoin.

About Binance coins

Binance was founded in 2017 and initially used the Ethereum chain before switching to its chainring the ICO (initial coin offering), it was created. 

Binance’s total number, like bitcoin’s, was predetermined.There will be 200 million Binance tokens ever. The 200 million Binanceis divided among the angel investors, founding team, and other participants in 10%, 40%, and 50%.

 To be specific, Specifically the total Binance funding has been used for its marketing purposes. Around one-third of the funding has been used in its making. It was also used in upgrading the technology.

 The upgrade means changing the chain from Ethereum to Binance.

What are the uses of Binance tokens?

 When it was first developed, the purpose was to use as a utility token. However, it did not limit itself to that. Since then, Binance has constantly been improving and expanding. There are various ways to use the Binance tokens, such as making payments with them, booking travel destinations, buying some services, or using them for entertainment purposes.

Binance has gained a lot of support from the partnership of other cryptocurrencies. This has hugely helped Binance expand more and more.

 Here is what you can do using this token:

  • Pay your credit card bills using Binance coins.
  • You can also use Binance for making travel arrangements or booking hotesl.
  • Using Binance, you can take a loan or transfer it as well.
  • Buying gifts for your loved ones is also possible with Binance.
  • Another suitable option is making investments using this crypto token.

Convert to BNB

The cryptocurrency world is huge, and so are the transactions. Therefore, the little amounts that are left from any trading transactions are not taken into much consideration. They are considered negligible, so they are called the “dusts.” These are nothing but tiny fractions.

When we say convert to BNB, we mean to convert the dust into Binance. In this way, you can reduce the loss.

Facts about Binance 

Here are some common facts that you must know about when we are discussing all Binance coins.

  • The market cap of Binance is USD 56 billion as of now.
  • Binance has cemented its place among the top cryptocurrency exchanges. There are only bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether before Binance (the numbering or the kist is based on the market cap of each crypto).
  • Binance is designed to use one-fifth of its profit for repurchasing purposes. It happens every three months. Once done, it gets destroyed permanently.
  • In the initial stage, Binance took support from the Ethereum chain and later developed its chain, known as the Binance chain.


From the above article, you have learned how Binance emerged, changed, and expanded itself. It is now one of the most popular cryptos globally, and you can buy, sell, or trade it on platforms such as Bitcoin Era. Binance has the largest exchange base, and is also gaining popularity. Choosing the right trading platform is as important as choosing the cryptocurrency for investment. So, make sure that you run through all your requirements, before making the first move.

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Written by Robert James

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