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5 of the Best Gifts for the Woman in Your Life

Shopping for gifts for women – five words that send shivers through even the toughest men. First, they’ll tell you they don’t want anything. Next, they’ll say that they don’t mind what you get or, worse than that, they’ll say the phrase we all hate to hear, saying to “surprise me”. If you’re about to set off shopping for that special female in your life, be prepared as it’s no easy task. The good news is we’re going to help you out with some gift suggestions that women generally love. Interested to hear more? Keep reading.

Monthly Snack Subscription Box

You can give a gift of snacks and the woman in your life will love you forever. You can sign her up for a 12-month subscription and get the newest, most unique and best-tasting snacks from all around the world delivered to the door each month. This is the gift that keeps on giving and it’s ideal for every woman, regardless of age and interests. Just be sure to find out if she has any dietary requirements before signing up for a Japan snack box

Flower Delivery Subscription Service

Similar to the snack subscription box, you can also sign up for flower service that will ensure the woman in your life always has fresh flowers to smell and admire. Prices vary from fairly reasonable to very expensive so be sure to shop around and choose the flowers wisely as you don’t want to be locked into paying an amount that you can’t comfortably afford each month.

Tea Time Gift Boxes

A tea gift box is one of those classic suggestions for someone who can’t go without a hot or cold brew. It’s not for everyone but if your special someone likes to relax with a cup of lemon ginger tea, maybe this would be something that she’d love. You can either order a box of different tea selections online or, if you’re tight on cash, why not make up your own box? Find a nice wooden box, spruce it up with a little TLC and fill it with common and rare varieties of tea.

A Gift Certificate for Her Favorite Salon

Does the person you’re shopping for like to visit a particular salon often? Buying her a gift certificate is a great choice as she’ll be able to get her regular treatments done without having to worry about payment. You can choose the amount and there’s normally a long expiry date so you don’t have to worry about it running out.


Perfume is always a safe bet when it comes to looking for the best presents for women. It’s cost effective, there are so many choices out there and you can always ask the sales assistant in the store to help you choose which scent would best suit the woman in your life. Be sure to tell the sales assistant what your budget is if you have one, as prices can vary from $50 for the cheaper brands right up to $250 for the more premium brands.

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Written by S Dionne

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