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Tamil Nadu Premier League: History And Format

The Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) is a List A cricket league in Tamil Nadu. It started in 2015, taking over as the state’s top domestic cricket league from the Tamil Nadu Top League.

The TNPL, like the List A division, with six city-based franchises participating in group matches followed by a knockout round. The TNPL was not administered again until 2016, and the TNP was not launched to substitute it until the succeeding year.

The TNP event is shorter than its counterpart, with only one group stage followed by a knockout phase. The Cricketing Authorities of India has once again awarded the new edition of the league list A status, which implies that in order to take part in matches, all cricketers must be contracted to either their county or an Indian Premier League side.

History of the TNPL and TNP

The Tamil Nadu Premier League was founded in 2016 as part of the Board of Control for Cricket in India’s commitment to creating more local leagues. It was a List A event, with six city-based franchises participating in group matches before advancing to the knockout phase. The city’s franchise was led by S Badrinath and comprised cricketers like K Srikkanth, S Tiwary, S Badrinath, B Aparajith, and Hrishikesh Kanth, with its home ground in Tamil Nadu’s capital, Chennai.

The league was meant to take place in 2018, however, it was postponed due to monsoon rains. It was again scheduled to commence but was once again delayed due to the general elections. The TNPL was finally held in December 2018, with the final taking place on December 31.

The cricketing community embraced and enjoyed the tournament. Many individuals urged that it be kept as a separate event. Later, the BCCI accepted the league’s one-day status, replacing the TNP with the planned Inter-Zone T20 Tri-Series between the South, Central, and East Zones.


The Tamil Nadu Premier League is significantly shorter than its predecessor. The league is made up of 13 clubs and is played over two weeks with two group stages.

The initial group stage is a round-robin format in which each team plays five matches. The top two teams from this stage go to the second group stage, a knockout competition to decide the tournament winner.


The Tamil Nadu Premier League currently features 13 clubs, with eight of them being brand new additions. These new franchises have been added to the event to extend its popularity and make it more accessible to people throughout Tamil Nadu.

Players to look out for

The event has some fresh faces as well as some well-known players. Keep an eye on the following players: Kamil Thomas is a brilliant Tamil Nadu all-rounder who has built a name for himself on the domestic circuit. Abhishek Tanwar, a left-arm medium-pacer for Royal Challengers Bangalore, made his IPL debut this year. All-rounder Abhishek Nayyar debuted for India in an ODI earlier this season against Australia. Ahmed Shah is a Rajasthan Royals left-arm fast bowler.

TNPL: Betting Tips and Odds

TNPL is one of the most popular cricket leagues in India. The first step is to find out which bookies have a good reputation for paying out quickly and for having fair odds. You should compare odds from different bookies and choose the one that has better odds.

You should try to find a bookie who offers bonuses on bets placed with them. You can check TNPL odds on and enjoy safe and entertaining betting with Parimatch.

Before proceeding to the best tips for selecting the best betting strategy, it is important to know what a betting strategy is.

A betting strategy is a system that tells you which bets to take and when. It also includes how much you should bet on each bet and what your goals are. A winning betting strategy will have a positive expected value over time, meaning that in the long run, your bets will make more money than they lose.

There are many different types of strategies that can be used for making bets. These include value betting, which involves looking for situations where the odds offered by bookmakers are too high compared to the probability of success that they offer. Another common one is the parlay strategy, which involves combining two or more bets.


A fascinating addition to the cricketing schedule, the Tamil Nadu Premier League offers a nice diversion from the typical List A organization seen throughout the season. For players and viewers alike, it’s a nice change of pace that gives the game some variety and newness.

Even if the timetable may be shorter than usual, the tournament will still include two group stages and last for two weeks. It will be interesting to see how each of the teams performs during the competition because they are all new and intriguing. All cricket fans should enjoy watching the Tamil Nadu Premier League since it seems like a lot of fun.

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