Accept What Is

One day I was talking to a friend about my past. Through tears of pain and sadness, I cried out.

“I wish I could go back and live life all over again. I wouldn’t make the same mistakes.”

This lovely lady simply smiled at me and gently replied,

No, you would make a whole bunch of different ones ­because that’s the process of life.” 

We cannot go back and live life all over again or believe that if we could we would not have any problems or negative experiences, for it is precisely these difficult times that make us who we are and mold us into the people we have become.

In order for us to move on and have the wonderful future that we desire, we simply have to accept what is. Accepting what is means to accept what has happened in the past and what is happening in our lives right now. It involves accepting where we are, who we are and how we are feeling.

This does not mean we have to resign ourselves to living the life we are living as if it were permanent or unchangeable, however it does mean getting to the place where we can accept everything we are currently experiencing and accept each situation as a blessing given to us to help us in some way. When we can view everything that is happening to us in this way, we have taken our first major step towards a life of peace and radical change in our circumstances. Acceptance creates a state of calm and it is only in this state of tranquillity and peace that the powerful force that dwells within us can begin to work.

Accepting what is also includes accepting our past as part of our unique, individual journeys. We cannot change the past. Whilst living in Saudi I met a wonderful friend who would always say… “It is what it is.” Our past is exactly that. The past. What happened has happened and when we accept this we give ourselves the freedom to respond to everything that has happened to us rather than allowing those events to control us. Many of us have lived through difficult times and those times have already stolen too many years from us. We have already spent far too long being affected by the difficult people and difficult experiences we had in our past. Don’t let them take one more day. Now is the time to accept them and allow ourselves the freedom to simply be who we are, despite them or because of them.

Accepting what is involves accepting who we are and where we are right now even if we are experiencing a painful or difficult situation. We may not like everything that is happening to us, and right now some of us may not even like ourselves as we are trying to navigate our way through new and difficult circumstances, but in accepting we take responsibility and that is the key to changing our tomorrows. Before we can begin to change anything in our future, we must be able to take responsibility for who we are and where we are right now.

Many times in my life I have only been able to make positive changes once I made the decision to no longer be the victim of my circumstances and accept the fact that I am responsible for the choices I make in life. It is only once we are in this frame of mind that we can actively make choices to change our lives for the better.

Acceptance is a state of being where we do not require things to be different even if we desire them to be.

– Neale Donald Welsh

Acceptance is not necessarily dependent on our understanding of the situation. We do not need to wait until we feel as though we completely understand our circumstances before we can accept them. We simply need to decide to accept what is, right now… as it is. In doing this, we put aside all blame and guilt and negativity and allow all that is… to be exactly as it is.

Acceptance is the key to starting the process of change and transformation. In accepting, we take responsibility for our own actions and choices rather than blaming others. In -accepting, we take back the power that is within us to change things. We may or may not be responsible for our current situations, however, it is us and us alone who are responsible for taking the steps required for any change in our circumstances to occur.

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Written by Skye McKenzie